Sunday, January 31, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Let me just start off by saying how rude. Seriously, Hazel got sick again. I can't imagine where it came from because we didn't hang out with anyone who has this kind of sickness. You know how sometimes you just know who got your baby sick? Like the person has the exact same symptoms as your baby, and you're just eyeing them thinking how rude of you to even get near my baby with your sickness. Okay, well not everyone is as cautious as me when it comes to keeping germs away from their baby? I'm crazy you say? Well, that makes two of us.

So this weekend I have been nursing this little one back to health. I'm not going to lie, it's sometimes nice having a cuddle-y Hazel -and that's how you know she is sick, sits so still with zero amount of movement. Poor thing. Night times were a blur because we were continuously up -I'll say it again, I don't know how single moms do this. It's hard work.  Naps have been a bit easier, not so long, but she seems to fall asleep easier right now. I'm sure it's just a phase

Although Hazel was sick she wasn't sick enough to not go outside -serious nature girl times infinity.  She's the absolute cutest, she knows that when we go outside we have to wear shoes so usually I'll say Hazel, want to go outside? and she'll shake her head yes, and run to get her shoes. She'll try and put them on, with no luck, say ehh and show me her shoes.  I'll put them on her and she'll head straight for the door. 

For her birthday she got a tricycle. She loves it and always wants to ride it, so we do. And today the weather was perfect, I kid you not. It was the kind of weather that I wouldn't mind having every day. So-very-perfect.  We went for a walk and played in the grass -something we haven't really done with Hazel. She fell down in the grass and was kind of thrown off by the texture of it. I don't blame her, I mean ,grass is kind of weird.  We pushed her in her tricycle, saw some people feeding the ducks and enjoyed our time outside. 
I love days like today, not sick days, just days where Brand doesn't study, where we get him all to ourselves.  Where we get to play and hangout, shoot the weather was quite the bonus. 

Happy Monday Eve. 


Friday, January 22, 2016

has it really been a year already?

I remember the morning I took the pregnancy test. I was two weeks late, but being a week late wasn't abnormal for me so I wasn't getting my hopes up. I was nervous, and preparing myself for another not pregnant read. I got out of bed, and tested. With shaky hands, and a little bit of hope left in my heart, I looked at the time and went back to bed for those 2-3 minutes that seem like an eternity. I think I waited 5 - just to be sure- and went in to see my results. Pregnant. I read the words that I had been waiting almost forever to read, and I didn't believe it. I pinched myself and ran into show Brand.

We looked at each other and couldn't stop smiling. Tears welled in my eyes, and we just sat there for a minute. There's no such thing as a false pregnant read, but it was still hard for me to believe this was really happening. 

And here we are with a whole year of her life complete, and I sit and think about all the things we went through to get here where we are. All the trials I went trough before becoming what I always dreamt I'd be. All the long sleepless nights, or the days where I thought I would lose my mind. You guys, I've kept a baby alive for a year and she doesn't hate me! Every day I replay visions of Hazel in my mind over and over, the cute little smiles she gives me, or that silly little girlish laugh she has, and her high pitched screech, oh I love it! 

I guess this is me saying Happy Birthday to my very favorite girl. Hazel, I love you more than words can describe, I loved you before I knew you and have wanted to be your mom as long as I can remember. Happiest First Birthday my little lady Hazel. 


Monday, January 18, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

This weekend my best friend/sister got married. I've known her since I was born and we spent so much of our childhood together. Her wedding was beautiful and so was she. I love weddings, and when your friend is the bride it makes it that much more fun. Old Main was probably the perfect location for the wedding, the old buildings are beautiful and the grounds are just the same. There's just something about old buildings and weddings, it's so classical and time-y. Also, can I tell you what she walked down the isle to? Blink 182 feeling this orchestral arrangement, I tried looking it up on youtube for you, but you'll just have to believe me when I say -YES!

Can we also talk about this beautiful staircase?! I mean seriously, I somewhat wished there was snow all over the ground and that the building had snow on the roof. Just a little touch of winter magic was all I was looking for, but who am I to dream of these things when I live in Phoenix?! Shame on me.

Hazel's favorite part was walking around and eating. We walked around campus and found these huge leaves. Seriously they were as big as her head. She brought it with her and we told her to give it to uncle Mike, but she just got really close to him and showed it to him. haha. Almost like a siiiike you can't have it! She does that will lots of things actually, and not just to Mike. I think she thinks it's a game or something.
She's also really into walking up the stairs, she does it little grunt kind of thing and it's pretty darn funny. It's like she is trying so very hard and putting all her effort into getting to the top. One of these times I'll have to record it for posterity sake! 

The sixteenth was also Hazel's due date, so we celebrated that aaaaat the wedding. She doesn't know it yet, but she could have already been one! What a little stinker.  I feel like these last few weeks I've been telling everyone that she is almost one when I should still be saying she is eleven months while I still can! I mean I'm not trying to rush things, and let's be honest, this whole year really zoomed by me and I can hardly remember what it was like to have a baby Hazel. -This does not however mean I am baby hungry, I do remember the crying -oohhhh the crying. 
The moral of the story is: best friend weddings are beautiful, winter weddings are beautiful, Phoenix in the winter is beautiful, and Hazel is full of energy and loves eating. Also note, not ready for another kid yet. 
Happy Monday! 


Sunday, January 17, 2016

if I'm a sucker for keeping her happy, call me one.

Now that Hazel is on the move she seems to get into everything that I don't want her to get into. Seriously, if I didn't follow her around picking things up, and stop her from making a mess, my house would look like a tornado went though it. Hazel is a tornado. There are times when I'll take some tupperware out of the cupboard and let her play with it, or give her a spatula to play with. You know, I'm not that mean!  So for me it's more about keeping Hazel happy and giving her an opportunity to learn and develop those motor skills.
There are so many things that make Hazel happy you could call it her formula for happiness, she loves her stuffed animal dog, she loves to pull it close and give it cuddles. She loves playing with her toys and dancing to music. Her favorite song to dance to is the itsy bitsy spider and she loves to do all the hand gestures -I'm convinced she could sing it ten times over. 

Hazel learned to walk when she was nine and a half months old and has been a busy girl ever since. She always enjoys pushing her toy stroller around -often times putting her favorite dog in the seat. 
Hazel's formula for happiness is also having a routine, she is a creature of habit and doesn't do well with straying from a schedule. So, when we wake up in the morning we practically head straight for breakfast. I love keeping Hazel healthy, and starting your kids with healthy eating habits is always a good thing. 
Gerber Good Start Instant Formulas are now all Non-GMO which means the ingredients they use in their products don't come from crops that are grown with  genetically engineered seed.  Why are they doing this?! Because it's what so many parents want, and what they look for in an Instant Formula. 


Monday, January 11, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Man, I've longed for fall. just being able to crunch in those leaves gets me all giddy. It's like I'm a kid again. Is it just me or do you also specifically go out of your way to crunch the good ones?  Seriously though.  I think we have a believer in Hazel too. We rode our bike one afternoon and afterwards decided to walk to the neighbor's house, because they have a snowman in their front yard you know. We crunched their leaves over and over, walking in a circle until I was completely dizzy.  She kept pointing at their snowman saying "sat?!" to which I would respond "snowman" and she would happily shake her head and smile from ear to ear. Almost like she is saying "that's right mom! you got it!" I love this girl!

Anyways, fall is here in AZ, the leaves are finally falling off the trees and we are having some crunching fun.

Hazel loves going outside and walking around, and we can do that because it's so nice out. I'm loving the weather, and that I can actually wear layers. Favorite ever. We go on walks and play at the park, I don't know what I'm going to do when March comes around, we are going to have major cabin fever man.
I know I've said it before, but Hazel's I just woke up face is kind of my favorite. Those tired eyes and that swollen face, oh she is precious! I can however say that I am still not a fan of her napping trend and habits. This girl is starting to stop her morning naps, and it's messing us all up. Not that her morning naps lasted more than 20 minutes anyways. Geesh. Also, what are your nap tips? Seriously, I've got to get this figured out.

This piano is one of Hazel's favorite toys, she plays with it almost every day and I love it. She's a little Mozart in the making, and somewhat following in my footsteps. I love watching this girl grow, I keep reminiscing on those days where she was just a baby and would lay there all day. Wow, that was nice. But, really I'm grateful for her health and for her growth, she is so smart and happy, I love this girl!

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, January 05, 2016

when my poor girl gets sick

Poor sweet Hazel. She's been sick since Saturday -which feels like an eternity to me, because she is so sad and fussy. And her nose, it just runs and runs, I don't think I've ever seen something so runny. Poor girl! So she is coughing, has a fever, and a nasty runny nose. Why do babies get sick? I mean seriously, it's the saddest thing. They can't even tell you what's wrong. Also, they don't understand that you need to rest when you're sick, so here's Hazel running around the house coughing and boogers dripping down her face. Ugh, so-sad!

I guess I should count my blessing, this is the first major sickness she has had her whole little life. Let's not talk about how she is going to be one on the 22nd. You guuuuuys, I'm dying over here. But, seriously, not talking about it. 

So, yes, she hasn't been sick very much and seriously, seriously I am so grateful for that. I cannot tell you how many times I've wiped her nose, or how many hours of sleep I haven't gotten. Oh, well. I'll take it like it is if I just have to do it this once. Ya hear that 2016? No more.  And really I'm pretty sure 2016 is really just trying to help me and get is all over with. So I'll say thank you. 

So let's chalk this sickness up to all the times Hazel wasn't sick. Because it always seems like we are only grateful for the things we have when we don't have them. And for this instance it's health. Good grief, I'm grateful for good health -as I hear Hazel hacking her lungs out on the baby monitor. 
Here's to hoping you and yours aren't sick or if you are here's to hoping you feel better soon! 



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