Wednesday, December 21, 2016

a little Christmas decor

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor
Each year since we've had Hazel seems to go by faster than the last, especially around Christmas time. And the reason may be because it's my very favorite time of year, good times always seem to speed by don't they?

I love teaching Hazel the true meaning of Christmas, even if the only part she understands is that it's baby Jesus' birthday.  She loves looking at the Christmas tree, Santa, snow globes, and winding the music makers. But her favorite part just might be holding every baby Jesus we have, she must know He's special.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

top Christmas books for kids and toddlers

top Christmas books for kids and toddlers
Hazel and I recently, accidentally started this new tradition.  After lunch we grab a big stack of books and lug them to the front room. We turn on the Christmas tree lights, drape our Christmas blanket over our legs, and start to read. It's a fun little tradition we've started, and I love that Hazel loves it. She has to have the blanket tucked in just right and we have to always bring the train book--it's her favorite. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

candy cane kiss cookies

Merry Christmas! This is my absolute very favorite time of year, the lights, the love, the family, all the feelings in the air. It's everything! I especially love that Hazel is so into it all too. She loves the lights, the Christmas tree, and Santa! I'm already enjoying all these fun things we've been doing with her, I love seeing the light in her eyes. 

Here are some recipes I want to make this December, all Christmas-y of course:

The cutest Santa strawberry, seems like it might take a while to make, but sooo cute. 

All these cookies because it's not a real Christmas without them.

They call it Polar Express Hot Chocolate so I really have to try it. 

You could also do this with brownie batter since I've already listed so many cookies.

Growing up these have always been called bon-bons and I can't call them anything else, but they are so much a tradition that it's something that has to be made!

What are you planning to make for Christmas? Any traditional Christmas treats?



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