Sunday, November 27, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Sometimes I like to take to the Internet and dump/share/brag about my weekend and my life. This time around is far overdue. 

Just over a week ago Brand returned home from a service trip to Tonga-dental service that is. He had a ton fun and hasn't stopped talking about it since, and I don't blame him. That week Hazel a I kept ourselves as busy as we could, we played, ran errands, visited the children's museum, and spent a lot of time outside, because if there is one thing that will make Hazel happy it's being outside.  Brand's homecoming was nothing short of sweet. Watching Hazel run up to him, as he walked out of the terminal exit, squealing on her way over, was probably one of the sweetest things I had seen all week. 

Last week Brand had off-Thanksgiving break. And so we hung out with him most of the time. Again, we spent our time trying to keep our days filled because we have an oh-so-very-active Hazel-or so we've been told. We played at the park, went on our weekly Target trip to look at the toys, I'm not the only one who does that am I? We made treats for cousins, watched movies, and spent some time at a few parks. Hazel loves to people watch as you can see below, she's very sneakily watching the little boy go down the slide. 
Thanksgiving came and went, as all holidays usually do. They seem to just disappear when you've got a little one. Maybe because everything seems so much more magical in their eyes, maybe because you want to hold it all in, bottle it up, and keep the memories of holiday in your mind forever. Thanksgiving, we did the traditional thing, with all intention to start a new tradition of pie making, but falling short because this mom was tired. 
Black Friday is always a must for me, even if I'm not buying things it's fun to go and watch. I'm very much a people watcher and could do it for hours. It's something I'm very proud of actually. Four stores in one night and I got home before midnight, all starting after 8 mind you. I'd say it was a successful trip and I definitely love that tradition. 

Friday we took family pictures and I can't wait to see how they all turned out. I just went through the pictures from last year and I can't help but get a little sad about how big Hazel has gotten. She has changed so much within the past year I can't imagine how much more she will change next year. 
The weekend was filled with colder weather and visiting Santa Clause. We've been visiting him at the mall, talking, giving high-fives, all that you can do to get your little one to not be afraid of Santa. And with a little talk about him giving toys, and beard not being scary I think we came out successful because this: h: hi Santa!! how doing?! *hops up on his lap* s: what do you want for Christmas Hazel? h: barbie slide! I wish I had video of it because it couldn't have been more perfect! Oh how I love how excited she gets when she sees him! 

Saturday night we introduced our little elf-still unnamed-we're big rule breakers over here. Hazel was very excited about the Christmas pajamas the elf brought her, so much that as soon as she saw them and knew what they were she plopped her self on the ground said lay back and laid back saying she was ready to put them on. And then this picture happened, I think the elf creeps her out a bit. hahah!
Today the high was 60 degrees. It was so cold that we bundled Hazel up in the snow jacket. Laugh it up, we were freezing and it was only 60 degrees, did I mention it was windy?! Did I also mention we live in Arizona!? haha! 

How have YOU been these last few weeks?



  1. I sooo want to do the elf on the shelf with Rory but Jesse thinks the elf looks creepy. I saw now they have a dog and I think a reindeer. So maybe I can convince him to let us do elf on the shelf with one of those.

  2. This looks like y'all had so much fun! I'm glad she had such a perfect time with Santa; that sounds adorable! :)



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