Monday, October 10, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Ever since we went to San Diego Hazel has been asking to ride the trains and the horse -she remembers the ones from Balboa Park. And each time I would have to tell her that we would go there when it gets a little bit cooler outside. Well, the a-little-bit-cooler has reached the valley -also known as it's October, because it doesn't mean that it's cold- and the train park is finally open!  Saturday morning we headed to the park -early enough to get there before the crowd and Hazel had a blast. 
We rode the train and she sat just like that the whole time. Watching everything so closely. And asking for more as the train came to a stop. 
Her first-second carousel ride was something I was a bit nervous for, and obviously so was she. But, once she realized she was in good hands she had the time of her life. Saying weeeeeee practically the whole time with a few yee-haws periodically throughout.  We rode the horses a few times, and after we found out that it didn't cost us anything to ride with her, the tickets stretched even further -which meant more horse rides!

I love this sweet picture of her holding on to her daddy as the ride started, her arm slung around his shoulder just to make sure she was safe. Put in in a frame. 
I'm not sure if what the lady said is true, but someone called this the smallest train ride in the world. And I'm pretty darn certain they are right. 

Hazel played on the big slides, and swung on the swings -again her new favorite past time. I love watching her be adventurous when she plays, I love watching her enjoy new things. I loved watching her Saturday at the train park. She was so excited to be there and is excited to go back! 

This might be my favorite toddler stage.  

What did you do this weekend?!


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