Friday, September 16, 2016

what I'm liking, friday

It's officially Autumn next week and our temperatures are staring to dip below 100! Are we crazy for thinking that 90 degrees is soooo nice when you're in the shade -YES! But we live in Arizona so that's-just-how-it-goes! This week Hazel and I have been making some fun fall (and Halloween) treats, she really seems to be enjoying these baking and making sessions -maybe we have a cook on our hands?! Anyways, here are some of the things we are going to be making in the next couple weeks: 

Obviously dirt pudding cups, I made these the other day and they were a huge hit with Hazel. She was a bit nervous about eating dirt at first, and then I explained the situation. haha 

Hazel loves suckers and I think this would be fun to give to friends. 

Mummy hot dogs will probably be a huge hit over here, plus another fun to make treat! 

This is a cleaver Halloween dinner idea.

This guy might take forever to make but he looks really cute! 

These cookies obviously HAVE to be made... let's get some tradition going on! 

I've only seen these for Christmas but maybe it could work! 


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