Monday, September 26, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm pretty sure all Arizonans were pleasantly surprised to experience the first day of fall with the rest of the country in true form... with a high of 88. It's not something we say a lot this time of year in Phoenix, I mean -it doesn't really start to cool off till late October. But don't let me stop you Mother Nature, because I will welcome cooler weather all year long! 
We took advantage of this beautiful weather and were practically outside all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday -you can guess what we'll be doing when it really cools down. Hazel is very much an outside girl and hates when it's time to come inside, she loves playing outside in the rocks, running through the grass, and falling up and down these little hills in the green belt behind our house.  I can't wait for fall weather to really hit us.
Saturday morning I had a temple date with my wonderful friends. I love being in the temple and feeling the peace that resides there, it's probably the best feeling. A feeling of a clear mind and a happy heart, there isn't anything better. 
Saturday night my grandpa had his 70th birthday party, and boy is he a popular guy. There was a food truck, bundt cakes, and fireworks taboot -fireworks from the university football game that is haha!  But, it was quite the party, Hazel even met a cute little doggy friend whom of which she followed around the table saying roooosieeee. Someone get this kid a dog!!! 
Sunday night: time spent with family. Hazel has started this new thing where she will only eat beans at my mom and dad's house. I can't quite put my finger on it as to why, but I guess as long as she is eating... riiight?!

Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend? 


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