Friday, August 05, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday


Keeping Hazel busy is sometimes tricky. She loves variety, and she can't really be sitting at one "project" for too long.  So here are some things that I've found to keep Hazel busy:

I made these busy boxes for Hazel to keep her a bit occupied and it's great because it gives her something new to do each day. 

Hazel absolutely loves playing with these beans, I'm not kidding when I say she spent 20 minutes scooping and pouring beans in a box. It's genius! 

Sing songs and make nursery rhymes fun by making props or something else like this for Jack be Nimble. 

and of course my meals of the week: 

We love sweet potatoes and this black bean one was mmmm, Hazel really loved the black beans (: 

something called white spaghetti -a family recipe, maybe I should share it because I can't seem to find the recipe online. 

easy one pan chicken meal. 

and slow cooker enchilada meal for tonight's dinner.

Happy Friday! 


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  1. I've got to make some busy bags for my two year old! Such a great idea!



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