Wednesday, August 31, 2016

bath time must haves for your toddler

We love bath time around here. It sets the mood for the night and gets Hazel nice and calm, and ready for bed.  For us, establishing a bedtime routine was important because Hazel loves knowing what's coming next. We have found a routine that works great for us and here are some of the items we love to use for it:

Toothbrush and Toothpaste 

Every night before we put Hazel in the tub we brush her teeth using a soft toothbrush and florid free toothpaste. The soft toothbrush helps massage the gums and get the plaque off teeth. It is also important to get florid free toothpaste for toddlers, to help children learn to spit out toothpaste and not swallow it. Also, teaching children to brush their teeth at a young age promotes good oral health!

Hippo Spout Guard

I've always worried about Hazel standing up and hitting her head on the spout, until we got this Nuby Hippo Spout Guard that is.  Now I have absolutely zero worries. It's a soft protective cover for those oh so very hard and pointy spouts. We love it because it fits well and is soft and durable. If she accidentally hits her head on it I'm not worried one bit! This spout guard is perfect for any tubbing child, small and large.  As an added bonus water squirts out of the hippo's nose -which Hazel absolutely loves- and it creates a fun little splash pad scene.  

Bath Letters and Numbers 

Bath time is especially fun when you have toys to play with. And I say it's never too early to introduce letters and numbers to your children (although it is recommend your child be 18+ months to play with these bath toys). Hazel really enjoys playing with these soft, vibrant letters and numbers. It's fun to watch her stick them to the bath tub wall and grab at them as they bob on top of the water.   One of her new favorite things to do with these is spell her name or find the letters that start with mom and dad. It's pretty fun to see her learn and start to recognize the letters she sees. These are easy to clean, and (obviously) have no assembly required, they are also Phthalate and BPA FREE! 

Lavender Baby Lotion

Bed time calls for soothing lavender lotion. The smell is known for its soothing, calming nature, and it's one of my favorite smells that triggers it's bed time.  The lotion also helps soften the skin and rid dry patches that may be uncomfortable to your baby. 

What do you use for your baby's bed time routine?

Happy Tubbing

I received these Nuby products for review, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Ohh my goodness, you have an adorable ginger baby!?
    I was in the ginger baby club too.
    Now I'm just...ginger.

    The hippo faucet guard is friggen brilliant! I'm always horrified bathing toddlers for that reason. A cup for washing hair really doesn't cut it, gotta get that head under the spout! The hippo spraying out water would most likely prevent (at least reduce) the splashing. Especially the infamous tidal wave splash. Included in every toddlers bath time...
    Lavender lotion for the skin is seriously most important. Doesn't knock them out, but you can see a significant impact with their mood. Calms, soothes, feel great on the skin...and BAM. Asleep at last.

  2. Our little one loves the Nuby spout guard. She loves when you close his mouth and water squirts out. She has a blast!



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