Wednesday, August 17, 2016

back to school shopping with Deseret Industries

Summer is over, everyone is headed back to school, and the smell of paper, pencils, and white board markers fills the air. I love back to school time because it brings back so many fond memories of starting a new school year. In an odd sort of way it makes me want to really go back to school, but then I think to myself did I really just think that and I move on. One of my favorite parts about going back to school has to be the back to school clothes shopping though. It was kind of a big deal for me getting new clothes, it made me feel good about myself, having something fresh and new to wear. 

But sometimes back to school clothes shopping can be a bit overwhelming. With so many stores competing for your dollar it's sometimes hard to really know who has the best deals, until you find Deseret Industries. Deseret Industries is a great back to school destination that has a large variety of new and like-new clothes for children to adults.  At Deseret Industries you'll find shoes, backpacks, designer brand clothes, and so much more -with the entire selection being restocked daily. 

Last Friday I headed to Deseret Industries (DI) in search of a few outfits that I would wear if I were going back to school. I was pleasantly surprised as I shopped, the store was so very clean, and even smelled clean too! The employees were very polite, and efficient -might I add-which is why I think it's such a great atmosphere. Finding and pairing outfits was no feat and I was able to find four outfits in less than an hour. Just-like-that.  Good quality pieces at a great price, and I even found some designer pieces too, which is another score if you ask me. Here are four outfits I purchased. 

Which one would you wear on your first day back to school?!
And because she wanted to be in every picture I took, this one had to be included... apparently Hazel chose to wear the flip-flops. (: 
If you or your children have clothes or any other items they have outgrown this summer, consider donating them to Deseret Industries. Donations are tax deductible and help your community by providing job training for associates. 

To find a Deseret Industried location near you and check out the DI's donation guidelines, visit

Here is the address to the location where I found all my back to school items: 
6825 W. Bell Rd
Glendale, AZ 85308

What are you wearing on your first day back to school?!

This was a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. 



  1. I live in Rexburg and our DI is super picked over! I always want to hit up DI when I go to Utah because they have a really good selection!

  2. Super cute! I really love the first look with the red pants!

  3. All of your outfits are so cute! I really love that floral dress!

  4. These outfits are so cute! I especially like the first 2. :)



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