Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Arizona, I forgive you

So it's monsoon season in Arizona. But this doesn't mean that it literally is monsoon season -as in it's not really raining a whole lot here. It's s bummer though. And I think all true Arizonans long for monsoon season, I know I do anyways. The smell of the rain, the feeling of a nice clean air, and the cooler weather. Ahh yes, the cooler weather is always one of my favorite parts -especially now that I have a toddler who loves to be outside.  
This summer we haven't really been outside, it's just too hot. But, last week there were two days that we actually had some nice cool afternoon weather, which meant that Hazel and I got to play outside. It was overcast, 88 degrees, and there was a nice cool wind so we headed to the greenbelt behind our house. It's my favorite part about where we live, the biggest patch of green grass, and I don't even have to mow it! Hazel loves it too and once and a while we even get to meet a doggy.  We run around in the grass, I chase her, she chases me, we find leaves, and every so often she has to stop and push her tricycle stroller.   

I'd be okay if Arizona wanted to let us have just one of these days a week till fall. I'd really be okay with it. 
But for now -because Arizona weather is pretty unpredictable when it comes to rain- I'll be dreaming of the few days we had last week and be thanking you, Arizona. And while I thank you I'll also forgive you. 

But pleeeeease give us more rain! 



  1. Haha. I feel exact opposite. We have too much rain here! ;-) Let's trade!

  2. My sister just moved to Arizona last month! I'd like to go visit but trying to figure out the best time in terms of the weather. What do you recommend?

  3. I completely feel you on the weather being way too hot lately. I live in TX. It has not rained here in awhile. Hopefully you'll get some cooler weather soon!

  4. I live in MN and it's been so hot here! I bet you'd probably chuckle at us if you saw our temps, but it just feels so hot! I'm ready for cooler weather too. :) I loved your photos!

  5. Arizona weather is crazy - I don't live there, but one of my best friends does and I've visited her so many times that I've seen first-hand how strange it can be.



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