Monday, August 29, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Brand had all last week off so we took a short little trip to San Diego -too short if you ask me. More on that later -let's just say SeaWorld and all the free things you can do in San Diego.  This weekend was nice, Saturday morning was soooo nice outside, I'm talking 85 degrees nice and if you stayed in the shade you could almost get a taste of fall weather headed our way -in a few months that is... 
Hazel had her 18 month check up -my bad because now she's 19 months old so there's that. She isn't too fond of the dr, which is sad bad because I really love our doctor, she's heaven sent actually. Hazel got one shot but doesn't have to get any more until she is 4! And then I thought: Brandon will be out of school by then, oh my gosh we will all be grown up!  And my mind soon wondered away from that because I don't want to think about Hazel being 4...
Saturday afternoon while Hazel was sleeping I went to my friend's lularoe party. My friend Faith -who I've know for what seems like forever- started up a few weeks ago and she always seems to get the cutest things.  I bought a beautiful floral Ana dress, leggings and an Irma, all soon to be shown on the blog of course.. check her out if you want: facebook + instagram

Saturday we also ran a few errands, looked at furniture, got some canes -delicious chicken and I'm addicted to their sauce! We played toys and ran around the house. 

Hazel has started doing really well in stores -she has her moments and we can't stay long- but she is really learning and growing. I've also noticed that if I keep acknowledging her positive actions she does much better. So, if you're having troubles at the store with your little ones hang in there... it gets better! 
We also bought a month membership to a car wash so we'll be headed there probably every day for the next 29 days. They have no idea who they sold that membership to. HA!

Happy Monday! 



  1. Would love to know what you think of LuLaRoe! I have a few pieces and like some but not others. I wish someone would have a house party near me because I think it would be so much better to see everything in person rather than online.

  2. I really need to get me some LuLaRoe clothes but I just can't make the plunge! ;-)

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Can't wait for the fall weather to come! And I need to get on the LuLaRoe bandwagon.



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