Friday, July 15, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

I've been itching to make our office a play room for Hazel -this isn't really going to happen, I mean, as it is, it's really an office playroom right now... But I dream of the day when we are in our own house and Hazel has her own toy room where she spends hours each day playing and working her cute little imagination. Let me show you what I've been dreaming of...

This cute little reading loft, just imagine being a kid and reading in this. I would have wanted to read all day long! 

And who am I kidding when I look at this, it's really more of a playground, so I'm not sure how I feel, but it would really, really be fun! 

Cute fun way to organize toys and books

Love the bright colors of this one, and pretty creative too. 

Dinner ideas for the week:

Quick and easy bagel dish, with a twist of apple to crunch. 

Cinnamon French Toast - delicious if you're wanting breakfast for dinner, and it's almost as good as Kneaders... almost. 

Cheesy Potato Casserole - Hazel absolutely loved this dish, almost every bit she took she said mmmm.

And then for a really super easy meal I just bought some Dinty Moore stew and made my own recipe.

Happy Friday! 


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