Monday, July 25, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

This weekend we did a bit of traveling... well as much traveling as we would like to do right now with a so impatient Hazel. So that means we traveled 30 minutes to the other side of the valley -and it kind of stole our hearts.. not in a gushing way, but in an oh wow, there are so many fun family things to do over here, kind of way.  We were headed to IKEA to pick up this table for Hazel, I've been searching for an inexpensive toddler table for weeks and this is pretty much the best I've found, unless you want to spend $80 on a toddler table... no-thank-you

But to give Brand a bit of encouragement in how much fun it would all be I told him we could also look for Pokemon while we were out traveling.  Let's be honest first, he's not the only one that thinks this Pokemon thing is fun... I loving it you guys! haha!  

So that's what we did, and while we were hunting we found this fun park that had a nice big playground annnnnd splash pad -too bad we didn't bring out suits. Hazel and I had a blast going down the slides and climbing all over the playground. If it were a nice cool fall day I bet we could have spent at least an hour there. No joke!  Hazel loves to be outside and so do I, as long as the weather is cool that is. 

IKEA wasn't as much fun as I was expecting. The whole maze thing was really annoying and quite honestly gave me claustrophobia.  Plus, Hazel wasn't too happy that she wasn't allowed to climb on the tables or play in the play tube, so that made for a long dramatic exodus. Note to self: next time go alone. 
Hazel turned a year and a half on Friday so she got to attend nursery on Sunday.  My hear sunk as we walked to nursery, thinking about how big she has gotten and how much she is learning and talking. YOU GUYS!!! She had a blast, she got to play toys, blow bubbles, eat snacks, and sing songs. She looked like such a big girl sitting in the chairs, at one point she looked back at me as if she was checking in to make sure she could be doing what she was doing. Ohhh be still my heart

And for the most blurry picture I'm going to give.... 
Also, why is my eye always so squinty when I smile?!  Secondly, Hazel had just finished eating 
chicken nuggets and I'm pretty sure has some right there on her teeth. (: 
Happy Monday, Friends!



  1. What a cutie pie! Seems like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Hazel is getting so big!!! We're also getting the IKEA toddler table! Great minds. ;-)



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