Friday, May 27, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

always loving her outfits, find this one here

One of the best things about holiday weekends is not only the time off that everyone has, but it's also the awesome deals you can snag at practically every store.  Here are some of my favorite bargins of this weekend: 

One of the shirts I wear at least once a week, it's so soft and comfortable I think I need more. 

I have this shirt in a different green and I love it. Perfect for summer and winter and goes with everything! 

Love these wedges -the price is still a bit steep for me, but they are seriously the cutest!

I'm always finding the best clothes at this store and I absolutely love this floral shirt.

Absolutely needing this dress, does anyone else have a problem wearing short dresses? Hazel is always scooching mine up -when she sits on my lap that is. 

What places do you like to shop? 


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