Friday, May 13, 2016

what I'm liking, Friday

circa 2014

So my dad reminded me on Facebook that two years ago today I graduated from College. It seems like a lifetime ago and then when I think about it really hard it seems like it was just yesterday. There was so much work that lead up to graduating, and I was productive at so many things back then. Little did I know that my life was just about to start because I didn't yet know that I was pregnant. To read some of my posts about college from years past you can go here, here, and here. Sometimes it's really fun to read through all my old posts, back when I thought times were hard, and now I'm like giiiirl

And now for my meals of the week, some on repeat and some new: 

Chicken Queso, yummy and makes a lot of leftovers so prepare for that. 
Maybe it's because I'm an Arizona girl, but anything beans and cheese is always on my weekly menu, so another taco pizza for the recipe book!
This dish is delicious and really easy and quick to make, veggies and chicken
And for tonight, it's easy pizza, which I'm sure I've shared/talked about before, but it's so delicious and good for leftovers too! Hawaiian pizza bread.

You can follow me on Pinterst to see what new recipes I pin! 


Where is the weekend taking you?!


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