Monday, May 23, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Let me just start off by saying that I have one more weekend until my brother comes home. Two years is such a long time to be away! And to say I'm so excited it an understatement. And because he has never met Hazel in person, well, that's just going to make it all the better. All the more water works for me I think. I'm slightly emotional when it comes to these kinds of things, and if someone else is crying it wont be long till I'm doing the same thing. 

Weekends here are a bit the same, except for last weekend when we went swimming at a friend's house and Hazel had the time of her life. Although she slipped and bit her lip -thank heavens none of her teeth fell out- it was still a lot of fun. She loved swimming in her inner tube, watching the kids jump off the side of the pool, and she loved playing in the water fall.  If I'm being serious I did get a bit nervous a few times, and I might have been standing very close to her, but let's be real, when you're in the water you can never be too close to your little swimmer.  
My wardrobe for these past few weeks has been the same six shirts -I'm not kidding you. Slouchy tees, jeans and these white converse are always my go to because they are so extremely comfortable and easy to dress up or down. 
As of Thursday Brand officially finished up his second year of dental school. Which now means that he works on real patients... no more fake teeth, or acting patients, it's the real deal now buddy! I don't know about him, but I'm really excited for this part. And if I'm being real, I often think about what it will be like to have a husband who is a dentist and it just feels weird.  It feels weird because it seems like such a grown up job, because we're still in our early twenties aren't we? Because we got married last year right? But then when I think about it, when I think about all the things we've gone through, I think -yeah, this is right.  Two years down, two more to go and we are done! 
Of course we celebrated our yearly tradition with friends. And can I just talk about how much everyone has changed in a year -specifically these babies though. (here is last year's picture
So this officially marks the beginning of summer, although this time around Brand only has two weeks off, we'll still take all the time we can get!  No big trips or extravagant dates, just a little bit of at home time and fun with family and friends. It's all we need, really.
What are your summer plans?!

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