Monday, May 02, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Traditionally speaking we've become model home shoppers -this isn't serious business, but it's fun. It all started last weekend when I came up with the bright idea and Brand surprisingly enjoyed it too. Before I was married my family and I would go model home shopping, just for the fun of it. It's seriously the funnest time. Unless you really hate the way your home looks -then you'll just come home and resent everything about your life. And if this is the case, don't start this tradition. So, for me, I have a hard time not stopping at model homes on the daily. Not-even-kidding. It might become an addiction. Should I keep ranting about how much fun model home gazing is? 

I feel like I haven't been enjoying this nice weather as much as I should be, so this weekend I changed that. It was fun and I'm pretty sure Hazel appreciated it. We played outside, went for walks, saw dogs and ducks. It was all a little girl could ask for. She helped me push her bike all the way across the grass -grabbing a handful of snacks every few steps of course. Hazel's new thing is saying hold. She wants to hold everything and anything. When we are outside she wants to hold the birds, so, just to appease her we try. She sees the birds on the ground and reaches her arms out and says hol!  Go hold the birds Hayes. She walks over to them, and they fly away. Oh man, I'm sorry, I guess they don't want to be held, maybe later.  To which she responds home -with a really serious look. Meaning, they're going home mom.                              
The other night when I was cleaning up dinner Brand and Hazel walked out of our bedroom with Hazel wearing this really old t-shirt. Sierra Verde Scream Team. It wasn't one of my proudest moments -being on this team- but it's just one of those shirts that's so extremely soft I just can't find myself getting rid of it.  I guess that's what happens to t-shirts after 10 years of wear. No holes mind you. 

Saturday was a busy day for us, we had a boutique to walk through in the morning, baby shower in the afternoon, model home shopping, and naps in between. It's safe to say that one of the naps was striked from the list of things to do, because sometimes things happen. But, other than that we were accomplished and I've finished most of my chores from the weekend and it's only Monday night. Productive, productive indeed. 

Happy Monday night! (T minus 30 days till my brother comes home from his mission!  


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  1. Model home touring is a ton of fun! That's part of what I love about being a realtor...more often than not I get to view really beautiful homes because of the area I live in.



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