Thursday, April 14, 2016

when you catch the sick bug, you're out for the count

Seems like we caught whatever has been going around. Hazel had it Saturday night, thankfully only Saturday night. Which made us think that she had food poisoning because it came on so quickly, but the rest of the story wouldn't make sense then. 

I got it Monday and Brand had it Tuesday.  The trifecta and sweep of our house, the good ole 1-2-3, you got us bug, and you knocked us out good. 

Being a mom and being sick is hard

All I wanted to do was lay on the couch, because I knew that if I moved or stood up I would automatically need to head straight for the bathroom. Too much information? I felt like a pile of garbage and Hazel seemed to know that something was wrong with me. She saw me slouched over in the chair -all disheveled-with a half smile on my face. She would walk over to me and give me a hug or pat my leg, she's quite sweet. 

She'd bring me some play kitchen food so we could pretend to have a pic-nic, and I'd slowly but surly play along. She'd request books from the very top shelf, because today she wanted to read Winnie the Pooh. And I felt bad, I felt bad because I couldn't give her all the energy I had to play with her, to make her day fun and exciting. I felt bad because I was being lazy and just felt down in the dumps, and downright gross!

Hazel seems to be quite clingy when I'm sick, or when I get hurt, or really whenever she sees someone she doesn't know.. but that's another subject... 

I was able to enlist my mom in helping me with Hazel for a little bit on Monday, Brand was unavailable because he had some tests this week and midterms next week.  Thank goodness for moms that live nearby, what would we do without them.  My mom tried to distract Hazel so I could try and get some rest, but Hazel wouldn't leave my side. It was a sort of mantra she had: if mom's sick, then I'm sick! and I could almost hear her say it. 

Throughout the day all I hoped for was that she wouldn't have to see me throw up. But the time came where it was just her and I alone at home, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I ran to the bathroom and she automatically started scream/crying -she does this when I leave a room really fast, I'm thinking separation anxiety. And there it happened, in between attacks I told her to go find Maggie or where is your book, in the nicest tone I possibly could. She never left my side and just cried the whole time.
Being sick and being a mom is hard!

Being sick is hard! 
Being sick stinks! 

Why is it that we only appreciate being healthy when we are sick. It's almost like why can't we know we are in the gold ole days before they are gone? 

I hope this bug doesn't come within a ten foot pole of you or your loved ones, and especially, especially your babies! 

How has your week been? 


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