Monday, April 18, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

At church we have callings and my calling is librarian, it's such an easy simple calling, I really am grateful for it.  It's nice to have somewhere to lock Hazel up in, somewhere to just let her wonder around after church while I wait for everyone to bring back their stuff.  Yesterday was the first time in a long time that we had to close the library, and the first time in a long time that Hazel got down and walked around. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it. From pressing the keys of the keyboard that was not plugged in, to going up and down on the stool, and everything else her little heart desired, she touched it all. 

It had to have been quite the adventure, the towers of books, the piles of pictures and collection of easels and decorative pieces! Very adventurous place the church library is. 

The rest of our Sunday was consumed by a little nap and some fun play inside and outside. I think this might have been the last nice weekend of the summer, next week says upper 90's for us. Yikes! I'm not ready for this, and I'm not sure Hazel is ready to be cooped up all day either. 

Saturday we took Brand some lunch while he was at school. Hazel enjoys walking around the classrooms, sitting on the chairs, and touching things that are new to her. This time she walked around the room and pointed at the outlets and said noooo. But, that didn't stop her from touching... kids man. 
When Hazel turned one we started teaching her to fold her arms when we said the prayer. She caught on really quick and is really good at reminding us when it's time to pray.  She also thinks it's time to pray whenever someone is folding their arms, sooo... She'll say saer and fold her arms when she is reminding us.  She's quite cleaver.  I love that little lady I do. So smart and intrigued by everything in her path. 

This weekend flew by, 45 days until my brother comes home from his mission, one week until Hazel gets her 15 months old check up and shots -ughhh don't talk to me about shots. I love them and I don't at the same time. Love them because they are so necessary, don't because they hurt!
Hazel fell asleep in her car seat last week, first time it what has seemes like ages, she didn't take a morning nap, so it seemed as though I wore her out too much on our afternoon outing.

Who doesn't love a sweet sleeping baby picture? 

Happy Monday! 


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