Wednesday, March 09, 2016

sometimes your baby is more social and trusting than you


Hazel is a serious people lover. She loves saying hi to everyone and smiling at them. She even sometimes reaches out to people -which can seriously make me nervous because I'm kiiind of a germaphobe especially when it comes to people touching Hazel.

Friday was nothing different. We went to the library for our music group and unfortunately -even though we got there five minutes early- the group was too full so we couldn't participate. But, we played with the toys and visited the other kids. Hazel immediately made a friend with this older girl, maybe 9 or 10. She was so sweet to Hazel and Hazel was so very interested in her. It almost made me think that they knew each other before this life. Hazel went over to her and played right next to her, she played with the toys she was playing with -obviously I asked if it was okay. Hazel sat in the girls lap and compared their flower-y outfits. 

Trying to get the girl a break and get Hazel out of her hair I said Hazel, do you want to read a book? her response was yeah and she grabbed a book and took it over to the little girl.  The girl read it to Hazel and Hazel looked at me and gave me the biggest, sweetest smile. She was in her element, making new friends, and being social. 

The girl's mom showed up and I felt like I had to explain myself to the mom. The mom responded with an oh, I don't think she minds one bit, and I felt a little bit more at ease.  

Every day I'm amazed with the things she does, all these grown up kinds of things, I'm kind of thinking back to last year at this time when she was just hardly a month old. The time has seemed to almost slip out of my fingers, but I'm loving this new season of our life. 


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