Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter Hazel

This was officially Hazel's second Easter, although she was hardly two months old last year -cute Easter picture here.  She really seemed to get into the whole chocolate thing and wont stop asking for it, we might have a problem on our hands.  She kind of got the hand of the Easter egg hunt, although it wasn't so much of a race as a glacial gather, similar to the way she picks up her toys -but she seemed to be better with the eggs.  

We opened her Easter basket Sunday morning. It was placed on the coffee table in the front room and as soon as she walked in eye sight of the basket she squealed with excitement. She ran over to it, grabbed the Lindt chocolate bunny, yanked off the red bow, and proceeded to try and unwrap it. To our luck she had never opened one of these before and it was a little bit more difficult to open than her regular hershey kiss -or now her preferred reese's.  To distract her from what could have been a melt down -because she couldn't get the wrapper off the bunny- I showed her what was left her her basket. A that's not my puppy book, pencil crayons, dog stickers, and lots of chocolate. 

In hindsight I should have thought out this whole too much chocolate thing. I mean, she obviously can't eat it all and I think this weekend I had my share of chocolate for at least half the year. 

We went to church, which can be tiring getting a 14 month old to sit still for three hours -but some how we manage each week! 

Later in the evening -after a nap of course- we headed to visit family and eat some Easter dinner. My mom always makes yummy dinner and for holidays it's nothing different. Outside play and family games were a must. I've become a non participant in such games though, I don't know why that is -seems I've become boring. 

Hazel rode in her shopping cart, kicked a ball, walked around the grass, "played bowling", and of course hunted Easter eggs. Hazel has always been a nature girl and she loved being outside, playing with animals, and taking walks around the neighborhood. It seems we are similar in that way.
It seems after every holiday passes I think of the things that I wished I had done more.  For example, for Easter I wish I would have done something that taught Hazel more about Jesus, or included Him just a bit more in our weekend. I know she's young and will probably not remember, but habits are good to start when they are young. And so, now I'll make a list for next year and plan ahead of all the things I want to teach her, the things I want her to learn and know about Jesus. Because He is the real reason we celebrate Easter, we celebrate his resurrection, and because of Him we can live with our families together forever.


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