Wednesday, March 30, 2016

for the love of books

Hazel loves books. I'm not exaggerating, she really truly loves books.  She loves dog books, books that play music, and books that are the touch and feel kind -you moms know what I'm talking about, but really she loves them all I guess. Right now one of her favorite books is a Zoo book that my sil gave Hazel for her birthday. It has animals in it, and there is a duck on-every-page -Hazel also loves ducks right now. 

Often times I'll find Hazel in her room reading a book. It usually happens when I'm preoccupied -cleaning some kind of mess- when suddenly I'll notice that Hazel has fled to the other room where her silence is telling me soooo much. Typically I know right where she is, sitting on the ground in her bedroom, with her back to the door, reading her where's spot book -she especially loves that you can lift the flaps.  I'll peak in the room, sit back, and watch her for a minute, try and snap a picture or two, but it's not long until she spots me spying on her. She'll turn around and give her sweet sounding hiii and smile from ear to ear. Sometimes she'll ask me to read the book to her or other times we'll just go play with something else. 

Before I ever had Hazel I always hoped my kids would develop a love of reading. Reading is so relaxing, so adventurous, so dreamy.  It's fun to imagine the words in the book come to life, to think of the story outside of the book -to think about it in real life. When I was younger I hated reading, and I think it's because I only read books that I didn't like. I've grown to love reading over the past few years, and I wish I was able to make more time to do it. 

Teaching little Hazel to love reading is a life long dream of mine, something I can on hope she enjoys doing as she gets older. 

What have you taught your kids about reading? 



  1. i love that she enjoys reading! i have been obsessed with reading for as long as i can remember



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