Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Hazel

My my, how this past year has flown by. I cannot believe I've had you for a whole year, your little life just lived it's first year! And I sit here and think about everything that you can do.  You are the smartest little girl I've ever known. You are so observant, but also so social at the same time.  You love to go to the store, and so I'll say Hazel, do you want to go to the store?  Usually you'll shake your head yes, grab your shoes, and walk to the garage door. Because, you know the routine.  At the store you love to say hi to everyone you see. Especially when we are at the grocery store and you sit up in the cart, it's practically your social hour. And really, really, I love it! You make everyone smile and I can't help but think you've made a difference in someone's day. All because you said hi and smiled at them.

For your birthday you got a tricycle. You love it, but really that's an understatement. You could ride your tricycle all day long. When it's time to go get the mail I'll say Hazel, do you want to go outside? Again, you'll shake your head yes, grab your shoes, and walk to the garage door. I make sure to grab your snacks and some water, because if one thing is for sure, when you ride your tricycle we bring snacks.

Throughout the day there are different key words you know. And it's fun. It's so fun that you know all these things, that you know what these words mean and that you know what response you want to use. Today when we were driving to music time the guy in the car next to us has glasses on. and so you and your smart little brain pointed at him and said "gaaa" which is what you say when you are talking about glasses. I couldn't help but be so proud of you and think of how much of a smarty pants you are. 

Lately you've been really into wearing your backpack. It's so cute on you, and I almost don't like when you wear it, only because it makes me think of when you will actually be wearing a big girl backpack and going to school. Not something I want to think about right now. But you could walk around all day with this little owl backpack, it's the cutest thing. 

You're really good at opening up hershey kisses -practically a pro actually. Several times a day you happily request choc -which means chocolate- most of the time I'm obliged to get it for you. When I hand you the chocolate you get to work, you concentrate so hard on getting that wrapper off and as soon as you do... in goes the whole kiss. Granted, sometimes you're cautious and ask for help, but mostly it just tastes better when its melting in your mouth all at once. 
Oh wow! has become your new favorite phrase. You say it when something is surprisingly awesome. When I show you a whole bunch of new books it's oh wow! Or when you open the door and see all your toys oh wow! It's seriously the cutest.

You are getting two new teeth at the moment, maybe a third because you had a low-grade fever last week and have been super fussy lately.  I don't blame you though. The two teeth you are getting are molars. ouch! Your two front teeth are starting to come down. I'm going to miss you and these fang teeth that you have right now. It's the sweetest thing ever. 

I love you my little Hazel girl. I loved you before I knew you and I will always love you forever. 
xo, mom



  1. She's such a sweetie! I can't believe she's walking and talking! Caleb isn't doing either of those! #slacker

  2. So sweet. I'll never forget the first time my daughter was wearing her little backpack and we were going somewhere. I got really choked up thinking about the day she would go to school. It sounds like you have an amazing little lady!

  3. This is so sweet and made me tear up a little! My daughter is almost 11 months so we will be celebrating her birthday very soon! I can't believe how fast it flies by. Enjoy your precious baby girl!

  4. She is too cute! And so smart. My little one is turning one in a week and a half... I'm sort of in denial.

  5. So cute. What a precious and thoughtful post!

  6. Love this! She's saying a lot for a year! Such a smart girl :)



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