Thursday, March 17, 2016

a healthy St. Patrick's Day smoothie

St. Patrick's Day might be the greenest day of the year. And sometimes -usually the night before- I get all excited and think about all the green things I'm going to do. How I want to go all out in my green attire, or how I want to make a whole bunch of green snacks and take them to friends. Gosh I have high ambitions. Most of the time it ends with me just hanging out -the only green thing on me is an old green and white striped tee- scanning through facebook and instagram looking at all my creative friends getting their St. Patrick's Day on.  NOT TODAY!

And so here I am giving-it-a-go with a delicious -and healthy might I add- St. Patrick's Day smoothie. I found this recipe this weekend -but I can't remember who I found it from. It's delicious, but I must say to the peanut allergists... I'm sorry. I'm sure almond butter or sunflower seed butter would taste really good too!
What you'll need: 
One frozen banana -make sure you cut it up before you freeze it -you'll be sorry if you don't
A handful of spinach
about a cup of milk (depending on how big you want your smoothie)
a teaspoon of peanut butter 
Add all the ingredients into your blender of choice -magic bullet is my go to. Blend it up. Once it's all blended together -no harm in over blending- then ta-da! You're done and enjoy.

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