Tuesday, March 08, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Brand was on spring break alllll last week, so we literally had a whole week of him to ourselves. Literally.  It was good. We got some relaxing time in and Hazel enjoyed her time with her daddy. She loves him she does. There were times when he would leave and go to the store, and she would get so concerned when she remembered that he had left. She does this thing where she shrugs her hands in question and shakes her head no. And I respond and say where's daddy?! I don't know.  And she responds shaking her head no and saying no.  A lot of the times she asks where a certain person went and most of the time I just say oh they went home. And so now she'll shrug her hands in question, shake her had no and say ho?  She sure catches on quick!

Sundays are kind of hard around here, we have church for three hours, and so Hazel misses her morning nap. If you know Hazel, then you know that she needs her naps. Neeeeeds. So, mostly on Sunday after church Brand loads Hazel up in the car while I gather all the checked out items in the library -I'm the trusty Liberian ya know.  Usually by the time I get to the car Hazel is passed out in the back seat, gosh is she cute when she sleeps. But, I especially love this little tip-toed picture of her. Reeeeeaching for whatever is back there that she really needs.

Two nights this week she has slept through the night! It's a complete miracle and I don't know what to do with myself because this has never happened. Often times I'll find myself waking up at the times she usually does wondering why I haven't heard her wake up. Not that I'm hoping to hear her wake up or anything, but it's just weird!

I'm constantly talking about the weather but I can't help but brag about it, and can I also mention the clouds on Sunday?! They were absolutely beautiful, every little bit. They were my favorite kind of clouds, the big puffy kind, all scattered through out the perfect blue sky. We couldn't have asked for a better kind of weather. Each time we experience weather like this Brand and I always say: wow this is perfect weather, I wouldn't mind if it was like this all year or something like: you know, if there was a cloud juuuuust in front of the sun I could take this weather all year!
Picknicks, wagons, snacks, and ducks. Hazel loves going to see the ducks when we go on our Sunday walks. As soon as she can see the little pond she starts saying guck and kak-kak.  Her first official animal noise might I add, she loves those ducks!  This Sunday we actually saw the turtles in the pond, I had no clue these little guys were there, and to my surprise there were about eleven. I-kid-you-not! Loads of turtles and loads of massive fish.  But according to the rules of the lake: No Feeding the ducks, No Fishing, No Fun. Only kidding on the no fun part, but seriously, what's the fun or having ducks in your pond if you can't feed them? (;


Happy tuesday

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  1. She sounds like a sweet little baby. From your pictures it looks like you live in Phoenix? I used to be a Phoenician, but now I live in Flagstaff.



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