Wednesday, March 30, 2016

for the love of books

Hazel loves books. I'm not exaggerating, she really truly loves books.  She loves dog books, books that play music, and books that are the touch and feel kind -you moms know what I'm talking about, but really she loves them all I guess. Right now one of her favorite books is a Zoo book that my sil gave Hazel for her birthday. It has animals in it, and there is a duck on-every-page -Hazel also loves ducks right now. 

Often times I'll find Hazel in her room reading a book. It usually happens when I'm preoccupied -cleaning some kind of mess- when suddenly I'll notice that Hazel has fled to the other room where her silence is telling me soooo much. Typically I know right where she is, sitting on the ground in her bedroom, with her back to the door, reading her where's spot book -she especially loves that you can lift the flaps.  I'll peak in the room, sit back, and watch her for a minute, try and snap a picture or two, but it's not long until she spots me spying on her. She'll turn around and give her sweet sounding hiii and smile from ear to ear. Sometimes she'll ask me to read the book to her or other times we'll just go play with something else. 

Before I ever had Hazel I always hoped my kids would develop a love of reading. Reading is so relaxing, so adventurous, so dreamy.  It's fun to imagine the words in the book come to life, to think of the story outside of the book -to think about it in real life. When I was younger I hated reading, and I think it's because I only read books that I didn't like. I've grown to love reading over the past few years, and I wish I was able to make more time to do it. 

Teaching little Hazel to love reading is a life long dream of mine, something I can on hope she enjoys doing as she gets older. 

What have you taught your kids about reading? 


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter Hazel

This was officially Hazel's second Easter, although she was hardly two months old last year -cute Easter picture here.  She really seemed to get into the whole chocolate thing and wont stop asking for it, we might have a problem on our hands.  She kind of got the hand of the Easter egg hunt, although it wasn't so much of a race as a glacial gather, similar to the way she picks up her toys -but she seemed to be better with the eggs.  

We opened her Easter basket Sunday morning. It was placed on the coffee table in the front room and as soon as she walked in eye sight of the basket she squealed with excitement. She ran over to it, grabbed the Lindt chocolate bunny, yanked off the red bow, and proceeded to try and unwrap it. To our luck she had never opened one of these before and it was a little bit more difficult to open than her regular hershey kiss -or now her preferred reese's.  To distract her from what could have been a melt down -because she couldn't get the wrapper off the bunny- I showed her what was left her her basket. A that's not my puppy book, pencil crayons, dog stickers, and lots of chocolate. 

In hindsight I should have thought out this whole too much chocolate thing. I mean, she obviously can't eat it all and I think this weekend I had my share of chocolate for at least half the year. 

We went to church, which can be tiring getting a 14 month old to sit still for three hours -but some how we manage each week! 

Later in the evening -after a nap of course- we headed to visit family and eat some Easter dinner. My mom always makes yummy dinner and for holidays it's nothing different. Outside play and family games were a must. I've become a non participant in such games though, I don't know why that is -seems I've become boring. 

Hazel rode in her shopping cart, kicked a ball, walked around the grass, "played bowling", and of course hunted Easter eggs. Hazel has always been a nature girl and she loved being outside, playing with animals, and taking walks around the neighborhood. It seems we are similar in that way.
It seems after every holiday passes I think of the things that I wished I had done more.  For example, for Easter I wish I would have done something that taught Hazel more about Jesus, or included Him just a bit more in our weekend. I know she's young and will probably not remember, but habits are good to start when they are young. And so, now I'll make a list for next year and plan ahead of all the things I want to teach her, the things I want her to learn and know about Jesus. Because He is the real reason we celebrate Easter, we celebrate his resurrection, and because of Him we can live with our families together forever.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Hazel

My my, how this past year has flown by. I cannot believe I've had you for a whole year, your little life just lived it's first year! And I sit here and think about everything that you can do.  You are the smartest little girl I've ever known. You are so observant, but also so social at the same time.  You love to go to the store, and so I'll say Hazel, do you want to go to the store?  Usually you'll shake your head yes, grab your shoes, and walk to the garage door. Because, you know the routine.  At the store you love to say hi to everyone you see. Especially when we are at the grocery store and you sit up in the cart, it's practically your social hour. And really, really, I love it! You make everyone smile and I can't help but think you've made a difference in someone's day. All because you said hi and smiled at them.

For your birthday you got a tricycle. You love it, but really that's an understatement. You could ride your tricycle all day long. When it's time to go get the mail I'll say Hazel, do you want to go outside? Again, you'll shake your head yes, grab your shoes, and walk to the garage door. I make sure to grab your snacks and some water, because if one thing is for sure, when you ride your tricycle we bring snacks.

Throughout the day there are different key words you know. And it's fun. It's so fun that you know all these things, that you know what these words mean and that you know what response you want to use. Today when we were driving to music time the guy in the car next to us has glasses on. and so you and your smart little brain pointed at him and said "gaaa" which is what you say when you are talking about glasses. I couldn't help but be so proud of you and think of how much of a smarty pants you are. 

Lately you've been really into wearing your backpack. It's so cute on you, and I almost don't like when you wear it, only because it makes me think of when you will actually be wearing a big girl backpack and going to school. Not something I want to think about right now. But you could walk around all day with this little owl backpack, it's the cutest thing. 

You're really good at opening up hershey kisses -practically a pro actually. Several times a day you happily request choc -which means chocolate- most of the time I'm obliged to get it for you. When I hand you the chocolate you get to work, you concentrate so hard on getting that wrapper off and as soon as you do... in goes the whole kiss. Granted, sometimes you're cautious and ask for help, but mostly it just tastes better when its melting in your mouth all at once. 
Oh wow! has become your new favorite phrase. You say it when something is surprisingly awesome. When I show you a whole bunch of new books it's oh wow! Or when you open the door and see all your toys oh wow! It's seriously the cutest.

You are getting two new teeth at the moment, maybe a third because you had a low-grade fever last week and have been super fussy lately.  I don't blame you though. The two teeth you are getting are molars. ouch! Your two front teeth are starting to come down. I'm going to miss you and these fang teeth that you have right now. It's the sweetest thing ever. 

I love you my little Hazel girl. I loved you before I knew you and I will always love you forever. 
xo, mom


Monday, March 21, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend // take me out to the ball game

I love baseball. Go ahead and knock it, I don't care. I grew up going to baseball games with my dad and brothers, and those games and that time with family is time that I will always remember and cherish. So, around this time of year I get the baseball itch, spring is in the air, which means spring training is too. And what better to do for spring/spring training than go to a baseball game!?  Hazel went to her first baseball game this weekend. I was leery at first, since the game didn't start till 710 -which is usually the time we start her night time routine, but it worked out.

We brought lots of snacks, and sat in the outfield lawn so that she could walk around and explore the edges of the blanket. She did so great -it didn't hurt that two of her favorite people were there either. Hazel absolutely looooves my SIL -and I don't blame her. 

I can't say we paid much attention to the game. I was mostly distracted by Hazel and it's just not the same when you can't really see what's going on because you have bad eyesight. Maybe I should have brought my glasses? -also, that's kind of become my mantra... shoot! I should have brought my glasses! 
This weekend Hazel also experienced what it's like to eat peanut butter straight from the container. She might be addicted to peanut butter because each time I took away the container she signed and said "mooor".  I think that if she could eat it all day she would. 

The evenings this weekend were really nice -the days not so much, I guess when Punxsutawney Phill predicted no more winter he wasn't lying... Sunday night we played outside, blew bubbles -Hazel has a fit if you don't give her the bubble blower, it's kind of a problem. We played in the nice cool grass and Hazel was practically in heaven -she has always been our nature girl. 

Also, let's me just say these last two pictures were taken with Brand's phone... why does he get the better phone with the better camera?! (; 

Happy Monday! + Happy Birthday to my MOM!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

a healthy St. Patrick's Day smoothie

St. Patrick's Day might be the greenest day of the year. And sometimes -usually the night before- I get all excited and think about all the green things I'm going to do. How I want to go all out in my green attire, or how I want to make a whole bunch of green snacks and take them to friends. Gosh I have high ambitions. Most of the time it ends with me just hanging out -the only green thing on me is an old green and white striped tee- scanning through facebook and instagram looking at all my creative friends getting their St. Patrick's Day on.  NOT TODAY!

And so here I am giving-it-a-go with a delicious -and healthy might I add- St. Patrick's Day smoothie. I found this recipe this weekend -but I can't remember who I found it from. It's delicious, but I must say to the peanut allergists... I'm sorry. I'm sure almond butter or sunflower seed butter would taste really good too!
What you'll need: 
One frozen banana -make sure you cut it up before you freeze it -you'll be sorry if you don't
A handful of spinach
about a cup of milk (depending on how big you want your smoothie)
a teaspoon of peanut butter 
Add all the ingredients into your blender of choice -magic bullet is my go to. Blend it up. Once it's all blended together -no harm in over blending- then ta-da! You're done and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

sometimes your baby is more social and trusting than you


Hazel is a serious people lover. She loves saying hi to everyone and smiling at them. She even sometimes reaches out to people -which can seriously make me nervous because I'm kiiind of a germaphobe especially when it comes to people touching Hazel.

Friday was nothing different. We went to the library for our music group and unfortunately -even though we got there five minutes early- the group was too full so we couldn't participate. But, we played with the toys and visited the other kids. Hazel immediately made a friend with this older girl, maybe 9 or 10. She was so sweet to Hazel and Hazel was so very interested in her. It almost made me think that they knew each other before this life. Hazel went over to her and played right next to her, she played with the toys she was playing with -obviously I asked if it was okay. Hazel sat in the girls lap and compared their flower-y outfits. 

Trying to get the girl a break and get Hazel out of her hair I said Hazel, do you want to read a book? her response was yeah and she grabbed a book and took it over to the little girl.  The girl read it to Hazel and Hazel looked at me and gave me the biggest, sweetest smile. She was in her element, making new friends, and being social. 

The girl's mom showed up and I felt like I had to explain myself to the mom. The mom responded with an oh, I don't think she minds one bit, and I felt a little bit more at ease.  

Every day I'm amazed with the things she does, all these grown up kinds of things, I'm kind of thinking back to last year at this time when she was just hardly a month old. The time has seemed to almost slip out of my fingers, but I'm loving this new season of our life. 


Tuesday, March 08, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Brand was on spring break alllll last week, so we literally had a whole week of him to ourselves. Literally.  It was good. We got some relaxing time in and Hazel enjoyed her time with her daddy. She loves him she does. There were times when he would leave and go to the store, and she would get so concerned when she remembered that he had left. She does this thing where she shrugs her hands in question and shakes her head no. And I respond and say where's daddy?! I don't know.  And she responds shaking her head no and saying no.  A lot of the times she asks where a certain person went and most of the time I just say oh they went home. And so now she'll shrug her hands in question, shake her had no and say ho?  She sure catches on quick!

Sundays are kind of hard around here, we have church for three hours, and so Hazel misses her morning nap. If you know Hazel, then you know that she needs her naps. Neeeeeds. So, mostly on Sunday after church Brand loads Hazel up in the car while I gather all the checked out items in the library -I'm the trusty Liberian ya know.  Usually by the time I get to the car Hazel is passed out in the back seat, gosh is she cute when she sleeps. But, I especially love this little tip-toed picture of her. Reeeeeaching for whatever is back there that she really needs.

Two nights this week she has slept through the night! It's a complete miracle and I don't know what to do with myself because this has never happened. Often times I'll find myself waking up at the times she usually does wondering why I haven't heard her wake up. Not that I'm hoping to hear her wake up or anything, but it's just weird!

I'm constantly talking about the weather but I can't help but brag about it, and can I also mention the clouds on Sunday?! They were absolutely beautiful, every little bit. They were my favorite kind of clouds, the big puffy kind, all scattered through out the perfect blue sky. We couldn't have asked for a better kind of weather. Each time we experience weather like this Brand and I always say: wow this is perfect weather, I wouldn't mind if it was like this all year or something like: you know, if there was a cloud juuuuust in front of the sun I could take this weather all year!
Picknicks, wagons, snacks, and ducks. Hazel loves going to see the ducks when we go on our Sunday walks. As soon as she can see the little pond she starts saying guck and kak-kak.  Her first official animal noise might I add, she loves those ducks!  This Sunday we actually saw the turtles in the pond, I had no clue these little guys were there, and to my surprise there were about eleven. I-kid-you-not! Loads of turtles and loads of massive fish.  But according to the rules of the lake: No Feeding the ducks, No Fishing, No Fun. Only kidding on the no fun part, but seriously, what's the fun or having ducks in your pond if you can't feed them? (;


Happy tuesday

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

How We Wore It:

I don't know, there's nothing more fun than joining in on a "how we wore it" with a bunch of other fashion bloggers. I love seeing how everyone interprets each outfit, and it seriously gives me such great ideas on how I can use the clothes in my closet. Because, let's be honest, not everyone can just go out and buy whatever they want at the store to recreate the outfits they see on pinterest. So this really gives me lots of inspiration and ideas on using what I've already got. 
inspiration outfit via 

My interpretation of the outfit. 
dress: c/o sheinside shoes: converse jacket: (seriously from middle school) 

I sure seem to like this look. Something about pairing tennis shoes with a dress just screams comfortable. I mean, I really like dresses because I just feel so constricted in pants -it is just me?! And am I making this awkward? Also, I like tennis shoes, I like them because you can run in them, and they don't slip off your feet when you walk. I have a horrible time with flats so much that it can be really embarrassing walking out in public. Anyways, for me, comfort is key when I've got Hazel in tow, and I guess even when I'm sans Hazel I like comfort too.  

Can I direct your attention to the little back in the third picture... that's Hazel eating rocks. She's quite intrigued at testing them all out, I'm convinced she thinks she's going to find one that taste like chocolate.  She only got one successfully in her mouth before I caught her in the act. I could sense her back there and I could only imagine the trouble she was getting her self into. The rocks. 

As we walked home Hazel also wanted to test out a few leaves, but I've developed this thing called mom reflexes and those leaves hit the ground faster than you could say hi. Crazy girl. 

Anyways, this outfit is also nice because you can go from day to night just by changing your shoes, or even changing your jacket, maybe going without the jacket?! The possibilities are endless! 
How would you style this look with the clothes in your closet?!

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