Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
top + leggings: LuLaRoe, sandals: target (old), watch: Michael Kors, necklace: no longer open (other options)

Watching: Bachelor, Teen Mom og, I can't get enough of my tv drama. But I'm getting excited for the return of DWTS and seriously, when do they announce who is going to be on?

Crocheting: Not. I'm sad. I haven't crochet in forever and I hope I don't forget how to do it. I'm starting to get a schedule for myself and my chores, so hopefully I pick this up soon. 

Anticipating: Spring break. Because that means we get to have Brand home! 

Listening to: The humm of Hazel's monitor. 

Thinking about: The things I need to get done, or the things I want to get done. 

Feeling thankful: For good health. We've been sick practically all year and I'm not enjoying it. Part of me is ready to boycott all social activities. 

Wanting: More time during the day; to hold my Hazel, and to get things done.

Enjoying:  Some quiet time. Let's not jinx this, but she hasn't woken up since I put her to bed. This hasn't happened all year people. 

Wondering: How many times Hazel will wake up tonight. 

Smelling: Chocolate ice cream. I've been good all year and I actually had a bowl tonight. mmmm.

Wearing: pjs of course. 

Following: My bachelor show and I'm seriously wondering who he falls in love with. I'm excited for the finale! 

Feeling: Tired, but accomplished. We did a lot today and it was fun!

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  1. Such a cute look! I love that necklace.

  2. You are so super cute, I love those pants! I'm also watching the Bachelor and man, Ben is driving me crazy! Oh and I'm wearing pjs too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really like this look. I love tourqourse jewelry!

  4. What a cute outfit and Spring Break...yayyy

  5. Loving your fun leggings and the necklace! :)

  6. I love the vibrant patterned pants! So fun!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  7. This is such a great way to document what you life looks like right now. You'll love looking back on this in ten years!

  8. Great leggings! I love all the patterns lularoe has now! I need a pair. Or three! :)

  9. Hi Alyssa. You look simply adorable in those geo-print bright, bold leggings. Such a pretty turquoise necklace, also. =)

    I have stopped by before. I am Ada and I enjoy your fun, girly and colorful style. I run a linkup on Thursdays and I am inviting you to link up this pretty outfit and any other recent outfits. The linkup is still open (below).


    Thank you and have a great day!



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