Sunday, February 14, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

One of the worst things about being sick the week before a holiday is just being sick, the second part is that you can't prepare for the holiday at all. So, let's just say Valentine's Day was kind of lame over here. And to make it less enjoyable I hadn't gone to the grocery store in over a week so there was nothing to eat, and that included any fun Valentine's Day festivities. Hazel and I have been cooped up in he house for almost a week -we've been out and about maybe two hours this week, not including the walks outside though, we both might have gone a little batty if those weren't possible.

I was sick from Monday to Friday -Tuesday and Wednesday being the worst days by farrrrr. I hadn't really been sick ever since I've had Hazel so I got to experience motherhood and being sick with a 103 degree temperature at the same time. Not having Brand home was really hard too, it was me against the world and the world was winning the entire time.

Hazel got it on Thursday and was done with it by Saturday -it helped that she got to sleep during the day and get all that rest. She took a four hour nap in the afternoon -of course I had to hold her for most of that time though, heaven forbid I try and put her down and get something done.

And my house, you should seeee my house. It's a pit, I've tried to do this one load of laundry two times now, while I have three other piles of clothes waiting for their turn, and there they will sit, right in the middle of my hallway. How else do you do laundry?  And I wonder how much laundry detergent I would save if I remembered to switch my loads over every time.  Hmmmmm.
As you can see Hazel mostly slept this weekend, and was really rather cranky. She seems to be really fussy and almost down right mean when she is sick or isn't feeling good. I mean she hits, kicks, wines -a looot, and she just cries.  For no good reason she cries, half the time I wonder if she knows why she is crying, and then I think about how hard it must be for her to not know how to use her words, and I get sad for her, and then I pick her up and cuddle her. And when that happened (this weekend only) she cuddled up next to me and fell asleep almost every time. Poor tired girl. 

I'm hoping this week we are bit more lucky in the health department, I'm hoping for bright days were we can go out and get stuff done, and maybe we'll have a re-do Valentine's Day!? This might be smart because all the Valentine's stuff will be on sale tomorrow. HA! Jokes on you sickness! 

Happy Monday is a holiday eve!


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