Sunday, February 07, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

We did it again. We played outside and Hazel was alll over it. It was definitely a bit warmer than last weekend, less clouds and less shade, so there was that, but that didn't stop us. I think I'm just trying to soak in all these days of nice weather, I know summer is right around the corner and soon I'll be diving in the swimming pool and finding any kind of frozen treat to cool myself down. Summers in Arizona are brutal, but I wouldn't change it for the cool winters we have -wait, I would change it if it was sunny and 70 degrees all year round. But I'm not a fan of islands or a whole lot of rain so Hawaii is definitely out of the question.

This week isn't going to get any better we're talking 80 degree weather, so we will probably be wearing shorts and finding a near by pool to dip our toes in. I'm crossing my fingers that next week we will dip back to the cooler temperatures, but not placing bets on it. Sometimes I feel like talking about weather is borning, you know, one of those things you talk to a stranger about when you have nothing else to say... hey, so this weather huh?!  Am I boring?

Let me talk about Hazel, because I'm really good at talking about her. Hazel is learning so many things. My mom makes these super yummy chocolate chip cookies and Hazel loves them. We've watched this video on youtube almost one hundred times this week -I'm sure of it- and every time we come to c is for cookie Hazel heads to the kitchen and says ccciiiikkkk as she signs more. She's kind of addicted to them, that and she's really enjoying chocolate milk now -THANK YOU!! I was completely worried that we would never like milk and that I would worry about her calcium intake all the time. Thank goodness for that delicious chocolate milk.
Also, Hazel has really been in to bracelets lately. She takes my bracelets and puts them on and off. And she even likes to wear ones that are her size. I was surprised when she let me put this one on... it was supposed to be her blessing bracelet, but she has my small wrists. And second, any tips for getting her not so addicted to her pacifier? It's really has become her security blanket, so much that when she sees the two pacifiers she has to have both of them; and she switches between them every few minutes. Maaaaybe they taste different?!

Either way, this is probably the cutest blurry picture I've taken, minus the pacifier. One thing at a time I guess.

Happy Sunday night!


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