Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
Summer leggings by Alyssa Dawson
top + leggings: LuLaRoe, sandals: target (old), watch: Michael Kors, necklace: no longer open (other options)

Watching: Bachelor, Teen Mom og, I can't get enough of my tv drama. But I'm getting excited for the return of DWTS and seriously, when do they announce who is going to be on?

Crocheting: Not. I'm sad. I haven't crochet in forever and I hope I don't forget how to do it. I'm starting to get a schedule for myself and my chores, so hopefully I pick this up soon. 

Anticipating: Spring break. Because that means we get to have Brand home! 

Listening to: The humm of Hazel's monitor. 

Thinking about: The things I need to get done, or the things I want to get done. 

Feeling thankful: For good health. We've been sick practically all year and I'm not enjoying it. Part of me is ready to boycott all social activities. 

Wanting: More time during the day; to hold my Hazel, and to get things done.

Enjoying:  Some quiet time. Let's not jinx this, but she hasn't woken up since I put her to bed. This hasn't happened all year people. 

Wondering: How many times Hazel will wake up tonight. 

Smelling: Chocolate ice cream. I've been good all year and I actually had a bowl tonight. mmmm.

Wearing: pjs of course. 

Following: My bachelor show and I'm seriously wondering who he falls in love with. I'm excited for the finale! 

Feeling: Tired, but accomplished. We did a lot today and it was fun!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

Why is it getting so hot in Arizona? I'm kind of annoyed, Hazel loves being outside, but it's just been so hot! Don't get me wrong, we've still been taking walks outside, but by the time we get back to our street I'm about ready to sprint home, run inside, and plant my body on the cool tile. Obviously I don't do that, but I can imagine myself doing that. And by the time we get in the garage Hazel is signing more, as in come on mom, I want to go on a walk some more. Poor girl is really in for it when the real summer hits. Yikes!

What did we do this weekend? Hmmm I don't remember. Well, one things for sure, we didn't go to church. I'm kind of tired of all the sick people going to church and spreading their germs. It's kind of rude and so today we boycotted. Hazel has been sick for practically the entire year and it's just plane sad! 

Saturday we played around the house, I think Hazel is starting to understand that playing by herself isn't all that bad. I've caught her a few times in her room reading her favorite spot book. And I've also caught her standing by the tv dancing to her music -she looooves music. She sure is growing up! 
Saturday for lunch we hung out with. We visited him at school and Hazel really loved it. Her favorite part was probably walking around Brand's study room visiting everyone and eating at the same time. I mean, what's more fun than that?! 

Today we hung out around the house and went on a walk/picnic in the greenbelt.  We have kind of made it our new Sunday pre-nap tradition and I'm praying that this weather stays below 82. I mean caaamon

So, I thought that if I got Hazel a few more pacifiers, that maybe -just maaaybe- she would sleep better through the night. You know, she would have enough pacifiers that if she woke up she could just turn one way or the other and there they would be. But, such is my luck and it hasn't helped, in fact I feel like it has made things worse. When she is supposed to be sleeping she likes to switch between how ever many pacifiers she has. It's like they taste different or something.  It does make fore a pretty entertaining breakfast though...

Hazel enjoyed opening her own Valentine's Day chocolate, she's really good at opening those foil wrappers, and has practically become a pro at it! She's especially good at opening the Hershey kiss ones, only because they have the pull tab -it makes it quite convenient for her.  And if only you could have seen her face after she finished eating the chocolate.. good grief she was a mess. And then she wanted more! More, more, more. I think she would eat until it was all gone, kind of like the way beagles eat their food. 

Hazel and chocolate equals beagles and kibble. 

Happy Sunday! 


Thursday, February 18, 2016

happy birthday, Hazel

I had Hazel's birthday party planned for about a month. I knew what I wanted, the colors, the theme-ish, some of the food, and everything in between.  I spent about two weeks going back and fourth to hobby lobby every day using my 40 percent off coupon -because you can only use one a day you know.  Surprisingly none of the workers commented or looked at me funny during my trips, maybe it's just something they are used to seeing. 

The week before the party we went and got her cake and cupcakes -which I thought I was going to make myself, along with the donuts -I think I was just over ambitious, that's all. Plus it all looked so much more professional not having me do it. The night before the party I got together with my mom and SIL (big time hearting these girls) and we prepped. I made sure I had everything I needed for the next day and we got all the last minute details set.

I surprisingly slept really well the night before, which completely surprised me because I'm usually up all night thinking about the things that I need to do -I guess I had all my bases covered. We got to the park early to set up and I must say I love how it all turned out. I didn't have a huge budget, I guess that's what happens when your husband is in dental school, but I really couldn't have been happier.  

We had the party at the neighborhood park -first come first serve! And this was practically perfect because all the younger kids went and played on the play ground while we had a one year old party at the tables. The weather felt great and it was such a perfect day to be outside celebrating my little one year old. 
The tables were decorated with flowers and pictures of Hazel throughout her first year of life. I had the funnest time going through all the pictures, looking at how little she once was, and remembering all the good times we've had -and getting excited for all the new ones to come.  

We had a little smash cake for Hazel, I was surprised that she didn't dig right in, she loves cake and loves making a mess -when we are at home anyways.  Maybe it's because the cake was vanilla, but she didn't really seem that interested in the whole thing. She was all done not even a quarter way into the cake.  I also think she was confused as to why everyone was standing around her watching her eat. I mean, she's a social eater, but she sure isn't use to having that many people around while she eats. 

And the crown, probably one of Hazel's favorite parts of the party, she called it her hat and she wore it all day and practically every day for the next week. I'm convinced she would have worn it longer, had I not put it away. I purchased this perfect crown from LaLaLolaShop -Kristen was great to work with and got me my crown super fast.  I loved it and it was one of my favorite accessories.
Hazel was completely spoiled at her birthday party. We visited with our friends, ate cake, opened presents, and Hazel rode around on her new tricycle -she loves that thing. I would say her first birthday party was a huge success and I'm so grateful for all the family and friends that cam out to celebrate our little girl's first birthday. Because first birthdays are kind of a big deal.

Happy birthday, Lady.


Monday, February 15, 2016

new day, new you

I've never been good at working out. I'm the kind of person who will find any and all excuses to not do it. I know working out is good for you, and I really want to be able to fit into my swimsuit this summer so I really need to get to it.  For me it's always really been about finding time to go workout, and now that I have Hazel I have what seems like much less time to do anything!

I recently found this awesome TKO Ab Stretch 4-Way Resistance Band, and it really seems to workout all the right places.  Resistance bands are a really great way of working out both the upper and lower body at the same time -thus saving time when it comes to working out. The resistance bands are adjustable, light, and can be easily transported -making it easy to workout anywhere. They also help build your core muscles and really improve your flexibility and strength.  

I really like the resistance bands because they are super easy to use, I've also found so many youtube videos that give workouts to try with these bands. It's really helped strengthen my body and helps provide more resistance so that I'm not using just my own weight. If you're looking for some great portable resistance bands definitely give these a try. 

I received this product from TKO, but all opinions are my own. 


Sunday, February 14, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

One of the worst things about being sick the week before a holiday is just being sick, the second part is that you can't prepare for the holiday at all. So, let's just say Valentine's Day was kind of lame over here. And to make it less enjoyable I hadn't gone to the grocery store in over a week so there was nothing to eat, and that included any fun Valentine's Day festivities. Hazel and I have been cooped up in he house for almost a week -we've been out and about maybe two hours this week, not including the walks outside though, we both might have gone a little batty if those weren't possible.

I was sick from Monday to Friday -Tuesday and Wednesday being the worst days by farrrrr. I hadn't really been sick ever since I've had Hazel so I got to experience motherhood and being sick with a 103 degree temperature at the same time. Not having Brand home was really hard too, it was me against the world and the world was winning the entire time.

Hazel got it on Thursday and was done with it by Saturday -it helped that she got to sleep during the day and get all that rest. She took a four hour nap in the afternoon -of course I had to hold her for most of that time though, heaven forbid I try and put her down and get something done.

And my house, you should seeee my house. It's a pit, I've tried to do this one load of laundry two times now, while I have three other piles of clothes waiting for their turn, and there they will sit, right in the middle of my hallway. How else do you do laundry?  And I wonder how much laundry detergent I would save if I remembered to switch my loads over every time.  Hmmmmm.
As you can see Hazel mostly slept this weekend, and was really rather cranky. She seems to be really fussy and almost down right mean when she is sick or isn't feeling good. I mean she hits, kicks, wines -a looot, and she just cries.  For no good reason she cries, half the time I wonder if she knows why she is crying, and then I think about how hard it must be for her to not know how to use her words, and I get sad for her, and then I pick her up and cuddle her. And when that happened (this weekend only) she cuddled up next to me and fell asleep almost every time. Poor tired girl. 

I'm hoping this week we are bit more lucky in the health department, I'm hoping for bright days were we can go out and get stuff done, and maybe we'll have a re-do Valentine's Day!? This might be smart because all the Valentine's stuff will be on sale tomorrow. HA! Jokes on you sickness! 

Happy Monday is a holiday eve!


Sunday, February 07, 2016

a condensed version of my weekend

We did it again. We played outside and Hazel was alll over it. It was definitely a bit warmer than last weekend, less clouds and less shade, so there was that, but that didn't stop us. I think I'm just trying to soak in all these days of nice weather, I know summer is right around the corner and soon I'll be diving in the swimming pool and finding any kind of frozen treat to cool myself down. Summers in Arizona are brutal, but I wouldn't change it for the cool winters we have -wait, I would change it if it was sunny and 70 degrees all year round. But I'm not a fan of islands or a whole lot of rain so Hawaii is definitely out of the question.

This week isn't going to get any better we're talking 80 degree weather, so we will probably be wearing shorts and finding a near by pool to dip our toes in. I'm crossing my fingers that next week we will dip back to the cooler temperatures, but not placing bets on it. Sometimes I feel like talking about weather is borning, you know, one of those things you talk to a stranger about when you have nothing else to say... hey, so this weather huh?!  Am I boring?

Let me talk about Hazel, because I'm really good at talking about her. Hazel is learning so many things. My mom makes these super yummy chocolate chip cookies and Hazel loves them. We've watched this video on youtube almost one hundred times this week -I'm sure of it- and every time we come to c is for cookie Hazel heads to the kitchen and says ccciiiikkkk as she signs more. She's kind of addicted to them, that and she's really enjoying chocolate milk now -THANK YOU!! I was completely worried that we would never like milk and that I would worry about her calcium intake all the time. Thank goodness for that delicious chocolate milk.
Also, Hazel has really been in to bracelets lately. She takes my bracelets and puts them on and off. And she even likes to wear ones that are her size. I was surprised when she let me put this one on... it was supposed to be her blessing bracelet, but she has my small wrists. And second, any tips for getting her not so addicted to her pacifier? It's really has become her security blanket, so much that when she sees the two pacifiers she has to have both of them; and she switches between them every few minutes. Maaaaybe they taste different?!

Either way, this is probably the cutest blurry picture I've taken, minus the pacifier. One thing at a time I guess.

Happy Sunday night!


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

never grow up, and a little lesson from Captain Hook

So last night when I was giving Hazel a tub, As I normally do at night; I turn on some Taylor Swift and sit down to supervise. Last night was nothing different. I did exactly that, and she sat there and played with her toys -like she does. And that's when it happen, Taylor really knows how to get the moms sometimes, doesn't she. Never grow up hit the speakers and my gosh I couldn't help but get emotional and teary. Watching her sit there, playing, while I was listening to the words and watching the lyrics come to life. Everything was happening exactly right.

I can't begin to describe how fast this past year went, I look at Hazel every day and think how did you get so big.  She has been so interested in learning new things. I love how her little mind works. The other night she was putting a straw into a water bottle. We sat there for a good five minutes -at least- focusing on putting the straw into the water bottle. There are just sometimes when I want to know exactly what she is thinking and this was one of them. The focus and intent that she had. 

I sit and think of all the things I've done with her. All these new things that she loves doing, the habits she is forming, I mean she's addicted to listening to music and constantly is requesting itsy-bitsy-spider. I might as well put it on repeat so I don't have to be glued to the remote. I love that she loves me, although sometimes it can be overbearing and I feel like I don't have time to myself. But it's like Hook says... 

"Your children love you, they want to play with you. How long do you think that lasts? Soon Jack may not even want you to come to his games. We have a few special years with our children, when they're the ones that want us around. After that you're going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It's so fast Peter. It's a few years, and it's over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it."

And I don't want to miss it. 


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