Tuesday, January 05, 2016

when my poor girl gets sick

Poor sweet Hazel. She's been sick since Saturday -which feels like an eternity to me, because she is so sad and fussy. And her nose, it just runs and runs, I don't think I've ever seen something so runny. Poor girl! So she is coughing, has a fever, and a nasty runny nose. Why do babies get sick? I mean seriously, it's the saddest thing. They can't even tell you what's wrong. Also, they don't understand that you need to rest when you're sick, so here's Hazel running around the house coughing and boogers dripping down her face. Ugh, so-sad!

I guess I should count my blessing, this is the first major sickness she has had her whole little life. Let's not talk about how she is going to be one on the 22nd. You guuuuuys, I'm dying over here. But, seriously, not talking about it. 

So, yes, she hasn't been sick very much and seriously, seriously I am so grateful for that. I cannot tell you how many times I've wiped her nose, or how many hours of sleep I haven't gotten. Oh, well. I'll take it like it is if I just have to do it this once. Ya hear that 2016? No more.  And really I'm pretty sure 2016 is really just trying to help me and get is all over with. So I'll say thank you. 

So let's chalk this sickness up to all the times Hazel wasn't sick. Because it always seems like we are only grateful for the things we have when we don't have them. And for this instance it's health. Good grief, I'm grateful for good health -as I hear Hazel hacking her lungs out on the baby monitor. 
Here's to hoping you and yours aren't sick or if you are here's to hoping you feel better soon! 


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