Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm convinced time goes by faster when you have a baby

Top: Jones New York (similar) leggings: HUE, Skirt: Old, Shoes: Cotton on (similar), watch: Michael Kors (similar)

I feel like it should still be February, anyone else?! I'm convinced that ever since Hazel arrived the time has just sped by, I mean, we are already in December for heaven sake. And let me comment on that as well, I keep hoping that it will get colder and colder, but it's only getting warmer why?  I'm dreaming of the time I get to wear the layers I've waited all year to wear. 

Also, since when was it allowed for a 9 month old to start walking? My life has changed, I knew it would, it was only a matter of time. She's all over the place and it scares me because she isn't that steady yet -I mean she gets a bruise on her body every couple days from falling, I'd say that's a pretty good record, but I'm certain people think I abuse her.  And that's when I tell them that she's ten months old and walking. Which is usually followed by an ohhhhhh or a wow, already!?  Sunday she was walking from the tile to the carpet and boom, she fell flat on her face -well, on her forehead. I especially hate head bruises. I mean, I feel like she is going to get brain damage or something, maybe they make helmets for these types of things? 

I also keep talking about how I'm going to get back to blogging. How have I not, I miss it, and I know I'm missing out on all the fun stories I could read Hazel when she gets older. For me, and if you read this other post, you'll see that my brain has really just turned to mush. I can't really seem to form complete sentences and I can't remember what I do during the day. It's all one big blur, please tell me that I'll get my mind back. Until then, I guess I'll be sitting here writing these I-O-U type posts to my current self and my future self. But really my I-O-U is getting quite unbearable. 

Maybe it's the time of year that especially gets me thinking, but I just love all the feels this time of year brings. It' my favorite time of year, being with family, creating traditions, decorating the house, baking. I've got lists and lists of things I intend to do this Christmas, but so far I've had the hardest time just buying gifts. 



  1. Girl I'm right there with you. I have an almost 11 month old. My brain is mush, and the time is FLYING! Cheers to enjoying it and our little ones turning 1 soon :)
    -Lee Anne

  2. Love both your outfits. Your skirt is adorable! And yes it goes by so quickly! I have two, my second turns one TOMORROW and I cannot believe it's been a year already, it goes even faster when you have more!

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  3. So precious! My boys are now 5 and 3 and it seriously does feel like just yesterday that they were both infants. Enjoy every precious moment :)

  4. It absolutely goes faster! Somehow I went to sleep and woke up with an 8 year old. I don't like it!

  5. It's so funny how everyone is so different. The first year went by SO slowly for me. The second year did fly by though!

  6. Time totally moves faster when you have a kid!! I agree!



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