Wednesday, November 04, 2015

those first three weeks

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We are far past those first three weeks of being new parents and time keeps going by quicker and quicker. But I can't help but think of all things I went through in those first three weeks. They seemed to be the trickiest three weeks of my life, being a mom is tough and there is a lot to learn. I found myself very high strung at times, but over the months -learning the ropes of motherhood, I've learned to not take everything so seriously, to go with the flow, and not have such high expectations for... anything. So, during those first few weeks of having a newborn here are some of the things that I experienced: 
Sometimes it felt like those late night feedings were more frequent than they really were.  Hazel was mostly a 2-3 hour eater, except for those early weeks where it was every hour for a few hours a day -mostly at night.  
At night I would dream about feeding Hazel, and then wake up to her stirring around because she was hungry.  It was so confusing and I think it made me more tired because I felt like I was just up feeding her.
Not getting out of the bedroom until sometimes noon. Oh how those days sometimes stressed me out. Trying to figure out what Hazel's cries were, if she was hungry or tired. I felt so overwhelmed with everything I needed to get done, I really stressed myself out thinking about how I needed to be out of the bedroom way before noon. Little did I know things would get better. 
Learning to swaddle, Brand was very much a pro at the swaddling business. Hazel did not escape a Brand swaddle, I think it was because I was too afraid to make mine tighter... 
Diapers with the wet mark line -all the way. 
Hysterical diaper changes -as in crying, she hated getting her diaper changed -especially at night.  There were several times when she got so mad that she went potty as I was changing her which made her even more mad. It was allll kinds of drama.
I feel like nothing ever can really prepare you for having a baby, and looking back on it, all these little things sure were frustrating, and had me emotional all at the same time, but I would never trade these moments for anything. Not for anything in the world. 

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