Monday, November 23, 2015

sometimes my brain turns to mush

I'm trying to think of a cleaver way to start this post. I've deleted and rewritten three sentences a number of times and I just can't seem to get the right words to form in my head. It seems to be an on going thing in my life lately and now I understand why they call it mom brain. It's a real thing.  I'm not as cleaver as I once was -I guess talking to a ten month old on the daily will do that to you.

Life around here has been busy, I guess it's like that for everyone really. Hazel is WALKING and crawling and saying things. I can't get over this girl. I've been dragging my feet with so many projects that I need to finish, but today I wrote a list and so far I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished. Let's just say when Hazel takes a nap or goes to bet I get a little bit distracted by other things on the Internet or my phone, or I've got things to clean up -also, sometimes I go to bed early.  So there's that. It also doesn't help that Brand has been home from school for the past two weeks for a Thanksgiving break. It's nice - don't get me wrong, but I'm out of my routine and need to get back into the swing of things before he goes back so I don't get a big kick in the pants when he goes back to school -he's been a big help with our active Hazel. And when he's home I just want to hang out, the laundry seems to pile up more and so do the dishes.

So here I am, popping in because I need to get back, I've got loads to share. But, because my brain turns to mush and I can't figure the right words to use to form a complete understandable sentence -I'll need some time. Also, it doesn't help that I've got the words in my head and they sound great, but once I write it down I'm like yiiiikes. Third, I forget about the cool stories I have -usually I think about them at night, riiight before I go to sleep, it's unfortunate.

Let's just say happy Tuesday eve.


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