Thursday, November 05, 2015

pretty soon I won't be able to stop her

There comes a point in time when your baby becomes mobile, this has been Hazel for the past four months. Ever since I can remember Hazel has been on the go, she likes to move and is quite the active little girl. Every day we walk back and fourth between the family room and the living room. We admire the Halloween decorations -we still have them up, mom fail, and we look at the wall outlets -I still need to get those covered. We go in the living room and say hi to a picture of Hazel when she was a baby. We walk to get the key -she knows that she needs me to lift her up so she can get it, and then she knows that the key opens the door and we walk outside. It's a daily routine and it's become just what we do.
Because Hazel is so active and curious about so many things it's important for us to have diapers that allow her to be active and curious. These Huggies Little Movers hug Hazel in all the right places, but that's the thing they just hug. We don't have to worry about anything being too tight or too loose, and she is able to move in all the ways she wants to.  No baby or toddler wants to be slowed down by a diaper that gets in the way -that just holds them back, especially when they are learning and growing,

Huggies Little Movers Diapers are the newest baby moving system and have great a fit, they grip well, and they protect from wetness -and absorb on contact, which means our babies can get the most out of growing and learning new tricks. There are three key features that make up Huggies Little Movers: the driytouch liner absorbs on contact, double grip strips for comfortable movement and a comfortable fit that will last, and also a contoured shape for freedom of movement.

I'm not to keen on my little Hazel starting to be such a big girl. I still remember the day we brought her home -oh how I miss that little-ness of her. She is such a smart active girl now who loves learning about the world. I do really love watching the wonder in her eyes and she sees a dog, or as she walks in excitement to the front door.  Keep learning and wondering little lady and while you grow I'll make sure you've got the best kind of comfort.


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