Monday, November 02, 2015

Madeline's Box pacifier clips

Pacifier Clip: Madeline's Box

Hazel is quite addicted to her pacifier, and has been since the beginning.  We can't leave home without one for it we do I know we might have a melt down. And because she is so attached to her pacifier it's most important for us to have a pacifier clip that works, one that's sturdy, good quality, and of course cute -that's most important obviously. (;  

We've tried a few different pacifier clips, ones that are ribbon and string, and they just weren't cutting it. They broke easy, they got dirty, and collected grit -not something I want in a pacifier clip. And then we found Madeline's Box leather braided pacifier clips. they are sturdy, great quality, and super cute.  They come in multiple colors -so there is bound to be a color for you. Hazel has Golden Arrow and Rosette. But, we also love this one, this one, and this one

I cannot tell you how many times I've had Hazel go without a pacifier clip -bad idea I know, I'm at the sink washing it off more than ever and it's such a waste of time. These Madeline's Box pacifier clips are a game changer, they stay clipped on and they keep Hazel's pacifier from hitting the ground. My favorite part about these clips is that they are clean cut, they don't have frilly pieces, and they are more of an accessory to an outfit. We really love these clips and highly recommend them!

Madeline's Box sponsored this post but all these thoughts are my own.   



  1. That dress is too cute!!!

  2. I love that golden arrow color and the sea breeze blue! So pretty! I like how these are simple and have such a nice look to them, right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Super cute- I would definitely get one if we have another baby!

  4. Seriously!? Where have these been!? My 2 year old (still madly addicted to pacis) has always loved those hospital type pacis and regular paci clips don't work! We did the animal paci things, but then we would lose the entire paci. She still prefers the hospital like pacis so I am definitely checking this out. This would have been a life saver when she was younger!

  5. I love that they won't choke on these like some of the very thick clip holders! Too cute!



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