Sunday, October 18, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Let's start with the fact that all -okay most- of my phone pictures of Hazel are a blurry mess. Why is it that my phone can't stay focused for more than a second? Does anyone else have this problem?

Now, Friday night Hazel and I had a Halloween event to attend. I was so excited to go, I made Hazel's Halloween costume and was ready to show it off to the world. When we got to the event there was absolutely no place to park, and by that I mean me and 50 other cars were all trying to find a spot in the same parking lot and there wasn't one. It was the worst, I was so bummed because it was something I had been looking forward to all week -I get excited about the littlest events lately it must be a mom thing -but also because I was dressed up in my costume too.  And so, there we were driving around the parking lot, Hazel screaming in the backseat, me about to break down and cry from her screaming and because there was no spot to park. The silliest thing to cry about I know. And as I was driving home I was thinking -how silly of me to get upset over something that didn't really matter. So, Hazel fell asleep on the way home and woke up when I got her out of the car, we played, took pictures -blurry ones none the less, and I just enjoyed my time with her. I count my lucky stars that I get to be with here every day, to stay home and hangout with my girl, she's my world ya know. 
Lots of shenanigans took place this weekend, Hazel took a ride in s dolly stroller -she really seemed to like it, especially when we were chasing Brand around the house. Her laugh is killer, so killer that I need to record it and set it on repeat when I'm having a bad day.  She walked around the place alll weekend - well I held her hands, we played toys, and read books. This week she started preferring table foods as opposed to baby food. This is a little tricky because I'm not sure what I can feed her, it's a whole new world for her and for me.

She rode around in a shopping cart and loved every minute of it. This girl is seriously the center of attention at family dinners. It's all about Lady Hazel and she wouldn't have it any other way. Also, this picture looks soooo much like me when I was a baby, it doesn't hurt that this outfit used to be mine.

Happy Sunday night.


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