Tuesday, September 29, 2015

why teething jewelry has saved me + a giveaway

necklace: Mama & Little, bracelet: Mama & Little, top: H&M, pants: old Kohls, flats: russia, belt: nordstrom

Brand and I are convinced that Hazel has been teething since she was 3 months old, with all the drool, and constant gnawing on toys we could only assume it was true. But, alas, no teeth popping though. Also, is there such thing as more drool, because really. 

Mama and Little Teething necklaces have become quite the life saver in this house especially with a teething baby -I'm using the term teething loosely, obviously.  I love having this necklace with me when we are out -and especially when we are in a quiet place. It's a nice distraction and it really seems to relieve all Hazel's gnawing needs. I wear my necklace at church -when I need to have a quiet little girl, when we are waiting in lines, and when I nurse her -she is easily distracted and it helps to have something for her to "play" with. 

Mama and Little is such a trendy company who was the first to introduce the hexagon-shaped bead in silicone teething jewelry.  This modern teething jewelry company has so many on trend styles that are perfect for us on the go busy mamas. They have a large variety of color and style options, you'll have a real difficult time picking just one. 



  1. I have a hard time deciding, there are so many I would love to have! They're all darling!

  2. I love all her stuff, but I think I'd go with the Anna or Rachel!

  3. These are so cute! My 6 month old just started teething bad and I haven't tried teething necklaces yet. Thanks for sharing.

    Sammy @ sammyapproves.com

  4. I'd LOVE a teething necklace for Caleb!

  5. My 6 month old has his first tooth coming through now. I so need one! I would buy the lulu silicone one because it could go with soany outfits!! These are seriously the cutest things ever!

  6. Here is the link of where I shared this post!

  7. My daughter needs one of these so bad!! She's been biting me during feedings. 😔



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