Sunday, September 13, 2015

today at church she was practically perfect

Some Sundays I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I know I should go to church, and I hope to be able to gain just a bit of something from each lesson, but sometimes it's a hopeless cause. Sweet Hazel is really good at distracting me. And I'm not blaming her because she's a baby and has no idea what she is doing, really, she doesn't. But it's hard to pay attention. Also, is it just me or does everyone else get anxious when it's quiet during the lesson? I go into I'll-do-anything-to-keep-you-quiet mode. So most Sunday's I hope for the best in that she might, just might, let me listen to the lesson for a bit. And let me say that today she was practically perfect. I'm not kidding, she really was. I don't know what it was, maybe she is getting used to this whole church thing, maybe it's a fluke -I'm crossing my fingers that it's not, because it was wonderful.

Sacrament meeting we sat by our friends, Hazel loves my friends she does, it's seriously the best thing to see her give them the biggest smiles. And so, we sat there, Hazel danced -she does this funny dance with her head, it's almost like she's rocking out. She danced, pulled at her socks, watched the people, ate some puffs, flirted with the people around her, and read her quiet book. It was magical. We had a few loud moments -little spurts here and there, but when we left sacrament I was in awe. Wow Hazel, you are doing so good today in church. I told her as we walked down the hall.  We went to the library -I'm the librarian at church, it's a pretty fun time, and then we went to our meeting. All the while Hazel sat there, enjoyed her time people watching, and kept quiet as a mouse.

Sundays are rough because Hazel misses her morning nap, so after I'm done in the library I usually go to the mother's room, nurse her, and rock her to sleep. The rocking to sleep part doesn't always work out because most of the time other moms come in with their babies and Hazel gets all kinds of distracted -she is quite curious. But, today, today was maybe my very favorite. Hazel nursed, and fell asleep in my arms, and I sat there, looking around hoping, reeeeally hoping, that no one would come in.  And no one did, for thirty-five minutes. And for those thirty-five minutes we sat there, she slept and I kicked back in the rocking chair, cool as a cucumber. Tempted to fall asleep myself because of the lack of sleep this week -that's a whole other story. Oh, sweet Hazel. But I just sat there, debating wither or not to go to class, I was just too comfortable to move, and this was just one of those moments I wanted to enjoy. One of those simple moments where I just wanted to sit there, in the dim, cool but smelly mothers room -the smell went away after a while, you know how that works.

And so I decided that it was time for me to get up, and I tried to do it without waking her up, but as fate would have it she woke up, blew a few raspberries and we were off to our next class -where she continued to be perfect.

I love her.

Good night.

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