Tuesday, September 22, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

This weekend was a good one, it was quick -as it always tends to be, but we got to spend some time with Brand. Friday-day we went to my dad and grandpa's work, Hazel had the time of her life.  She loves when people talk to her, especially if they are talking nice, She is quite the social girl, she loves being out with people, learning new things, she is such a curious little lady. Anyways, she loved meeting all the workers and having people talk nice to her. When we went to lunch Hazel was being silly and waiving to everyone, one guy said: well, it's too bad she isn't very sociable.  Too bad indeed.

The rest of our weekend was filled with toys, the mall, target, and other stores because let's be honest this girl does not like to sit still -she is all about getting out. We played with friends -Hazel always seems to be more interested in her friend's toys, something new I guess, and we took a family nap -first one for the books. I'd say we had a pretty good weekend.

Sometimes I fell like Monday gets here all too quick and really my days just fly by with this new life of mine. Anyways, Happy Tuesday!


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