Sunday, August 23, 2015

taking time for you and the best kind of on the go snack

Life is busy wither you work or have kids, we all know what it's like. Sometimes life is so busy that it can be hard to find time to take a break for yourself, and sometimes I can't find a second to just eat a healthy snack
You're at work and your work load is piled up to your eye balls and you feel like there's no end in sight, but it's eleven and you just neeeed that morning break or you might just go nuts. Or maybe your baby was up all night long and woke up at the crack of dawn and she wont stay asleep unless you hold her real close, but you just want to get maybe ten minutes to yourself before your arms fall off and your back gives out. 

I've been in both places, and seriously there is nothing better than finding the moment where you get to just sit back and relax for a minute. And for me this break time is right were I get myself a nice healthy snack and just kick back. Before I had Hazel much of my relaxing time was spent crocheting, it was my favorite way to relax, my favorite thing to do really. It was my me time, my #FeelGooder moment, and back then I got to crochet a lot. But alas, I have this adorable baby who requires my attention -and I'm not complaining, she's the best! 
Whenever I'm out running errands or just going to do some window shopping -which is what I seem
to be doing more of because little Hazel likes getting out of the house- I can get so hungry.  I can anticipate this moment each time I go out and so -because I've learned my lesson- I bring a favorite nutrition bar, something I know is good for me, and something I can easily carry in the diaper bag. 

My favorite flavor is oatmeal chocolate chunk -it taste like cookies and cream ice cream, it's delicious and so very good for you. Go here and get a coupon to try it for yourself!



  1. I had my eye on that oatmeal chocolate chunk the minute I opened your post! It looks yummy:)

  2. Hmmmm interesting. I had never heard of this brand!

  3. Thanks for the coupon, I'm always looking for a new snack!

  4. Ooh things definitely change when you have a baby! "Free time" is like a holy event, for sure!



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