Tuesday, August 18, 2015

head sunburns are the worst so let's not get them

hat: c/o Village Hat Shop, cover up: (gifted) , sandals: target -black no longer available (white)

It's summer time.  It's hot. The sun it out. And because the sun is out and it's hot, we swim. I love being out in the pool during the summer time. It's one of the only ways to survive an Arizona summer that's for sure! But, my least favorite part about the sun is getting my scalp and face burnt -also shoulders, don't forget those. Sunburns are the worst and they are so very bad for your skin, Covering up when you are out in the sun is the best way to keep your self protected.

Since you can't really put sunblock in your hair this Lahaina Sun Hat really comes in handy. With a UPF rating of 50+ you can bet your scalp and face will be protected from the sun with this sun hat on. I love this hat because you can wear it two different ways, also it comes in 25 different colors -my choice: aqua.

I don't know about you, but I'm all about keeping my scalp un-burnt. And so I'll be keeping this sun hat riiiiight next to my swim suit and pretty soon it's going to smell just like sunblock and it will have me remembering these warm pool filled summer days.

Happy swimming!

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  1. Sunburn on your scalp is one of the worst, or at least in my opinion. I used to use tanning beds for year but don't anymore. I believe it was my 2nd time going to a tanning bed when I got completely sunburned from head to toe all over my body and I got really bad sun poisoning on my chest at the same time. It hurt to even wear a t-shirt, so I had to stay home from school and soak in vinegar baths. And then my chest was like a huge scab as the sun poisoning was healing. Most people would probably never going to a tanning bed after an experience like that but I did. I tanned for years after that and didn't get burned again but I want to protect my skin now and haven't gone in about 3 years.


  2. Scalp sunburns are terrible! I used to get them a lot as a kid, but haven't in years, thankfully. I used to rub sunscreen onto my part, which makes your hair just gross! I need a hat like this :)

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  4. And the hat even though is to cover head burn goes great with the outfit.

  5. I've totally had a sunburn on my head before and it's literally the worst! It takes forever to heal too and my head just hurts 24/7 no matter how much aloe I use or anything! I always wear a hat when I go to the pool in the summer.

  6. i get sunburns on my head every year, even when I put sunblock on there. Your hat is super cute and I will have to get one. That's the perfect way to make sure no more sunburns!!

  7. What a cute hat! You're right, head sunburns are the WORST, I'll have to invest in one!

  8. Cute hat! I can't say I've ever burned my scalp (I have a lot of hair), but I do worry about it with my youngest. He's got really fine blonde hair.

  9. I love your sundress and cute hat too :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  10. I aqua-size at a gym and the pool is out door. I can certainly use this With 25 different colors I can certainly find one to match all my swimsuits



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