Monday, August 31, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

So Hazel has been blowing raspberries for a few weeks now and last night she decided to try it when she was eating dinner.  It was a mess, it got on my face, her face, her clothes, and of course her highchair,  but she was sure proud of herself. How do you stop her from blowing raspberries while she eats though? I've tried ignoring her and positive reinforcement when she doesn't do it, but I guess I just have to figure it out. Maybe it's another one of those phases.

We also tried on some headbands this weekend. Let's just say Hazel would look good in a paper sack so she looks good in everything, but I really liked this little number we got from Tinyco. I've also found the best way to get her to smile for pictures. She really loves a good monster noise -at first it scares her but she cracks up when she realizes what is going on. And is it just me or does she look really big in this picture?!
Hazel is the kind of girl that would rather play with your glasses than her own toys and her most favorite thing to play with is a laptop. Little blogger in training this girl, she sure likes the click of the keyboard.

And my favorite face of her's is when she wakes up and that big smile she gives me, oh I just love it!

Happy Monday!


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