Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend.

Most of our weekend was spent playing video games, that's right, video games. I'm not even one bit ashamed because I was playing too, and I had fun. That's right, it was fun. We have become addicted to the wii. It's not the first time, it seems to come in spurts and this spurt might last for only a week -booooo Dental school, but we will take what we've got. I kid you not, all Saturday afternoon, dinner break and then again till allllmost midnight, then Sunday night and Monday night too. I wouldn't be surprised if Brand whipped the games out again today. I guess there isn't any such thing as too much gaming especially when you are about to be ran over with a load of studying. Things are about to change quick over in this house. But as for now, we play on.

Happy Tuuuuesday!


1 comment:

  1. I am also completely hooked on Bachelor in Paradise!! It's my favourite show on right now! Lovely pics!



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