Thursday, July 02, 2015

Dear Hazel,

 5 months old
romper: carters, pacifier clip: ryanandrose

I love all these new things you are doing. I love your laugh, your gummy smile, and the way you look at me when I see you after you've had a really good nap. I love nap times, I love rocking you to sleep -although you don't always cooperate- I love singing you to sleep and watching your eyes get oh-so-heavy.  

I love our night time routine. How happy you get when I get you changed into your pajamas, You don't so much love when I put lotion on your arms and belly because it's oh-so-tickle-y, but you sure love a good leg massage.  

I love the way you sit up and reach for your toes as they wiggle and stretch. And if you could get them just-a-little-bit-closer you could surly see how they taste. 

I love how when you feel things you scratch at them. Maybe it's because you give me a hard time when I try and trim your nails, but you love "scratch feeling" things. Your current favorite it your boppy, all those wonderful colors. 

I love your happy screech, sometimes it's so loud that I think our neighbors can hear.  It such a happy screech though, you get so excited when you are playing toys or when I come to play with you in your gym. 

I love how much you want to sit up, it's no more laying down for you just sitting up. You are too big for your britches. 

I love how you love me. How you smile from ear to ear when I talk to you, how you reach for me when your sad.  How you bury your face in mine when you are tired and how you have me convinced that you know what you are saying when you say "ma ma". 

I love you my little Hazel, you are by favorite girl and I cannot imagine my life without your perfect self. 


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