Monday, July 27, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

Let me just warn you, this post is loaded with pictures.

So, this weekend we traveled to Douglas, Arizona. If you've never heard of Douglas don't feel too out of the loop because neither has anyone else. Douglas, Arizona population: 16,500 people -and it's a border town.

Anyways, we traveled to Douglas for my great grandpa's 95th surprise birthday party. The trip down there is supposed to take 4 hours, but with sweet little Hazel it took us 6. She wouldn't eat -even though she was hungry and we were stopping at multiple places to see if she would eat there. Nothing worked.  I felt bad and was mostly worried that she would dehydrate herself, thankfully everything went fine and we had no dehydration problems. But seriously 6 hours? I must admit, I was going a bit stir-crazy in the car -cracking random jokes here and there, it was a sight. When we made it to Douglas we headed straight for La Fiesta. I'm a huge fan of Mexican food and La Fiesta is where it's at -it's the real deal guys, none of this American Mexican food stuff, I'm talking real tortillas and allll.
So, apparently in order to surprise a 95 year old you have to tell him you are taking him to get his B12 shot -or at least that's what they told my great grandpa. I guess he's not a fan of parties and they haaaaad to make it a surprise or he would have refused to go. Anyways, he walked into the party and was sure surprised, and kept asking when he was going to get his B12 shot, little did he know there was no shot.  

So, we partied and Hazel had a great time -she loves being with people, talking with them, smiling, and waving. This little girl is a social butterfly and has the biggest smile around. 

We got our five generation picture, Hazel got to meet her great-great-grandpa, and she got to see a little bit of where my mom grew up. I must say Douglas has some sweet little areas that really can take you back, and the weather this weekend was seriously amazing.  I got way too many pictures, I'll never need, of the landscape as we drove ten hours in one day -with a baby, but now we can say Hazel has been to Douglas and we can say we've been on a road trip with her. 

Happy Monday to us all, we've lived through a traveling weekend. 


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