Friday, June 05, 2015

when we had a dog for two hours

I'm a sucker for dogs, and mostly I'm a sucker for dogs who are lost.  Ask my mom, when I was 8 there were two big dogs roaming around the neighborhood and I made my parents stop and pick them up. It ended up being a big to do. So when I saw this little pooch the whole story went through my head.  But, I couldn't let the little guy just wonder around the neighborhood.  With Hazel in the back seat I scooped the pup up and we headed home-thankfully he was very friendly and came right over to me.

I ended up walking the neighborhood with this little guy-I called him buddy-in toe looking for his family. All the doors I knocked on seemed to have no idea where the cute little guy belonged. But I wasn't going to stop trying. So I said a little prayer -I honestly felt silly praying to find a dog's owners, I mean of all the minuscule things.  After my little prayer we walked back towards my house and on our way Buddy decided to walk up to one certain house. As he's practically pulling me up the sidewalk I stop and think okay, this is his house. We get to the door, I knock, and no one answers. Buddy was sure it's his house and he put his little face up against the door and started whining.  

Long story short we are back at my house, Buddy in the backyard -thank goodness it was a nice cool day outside.  I get this feeling that we need to take a walk so I take buddy to the garage and load up Hazel. We start walking down the street and I couldn't help but laugh as I walked buddy alongside my little Hazel, I thought about how fun it would be to have a little pup, how much Hazel got a kick out of running her hands through his long hair, and then I thought about how maybe we could get one in a few years when we have our own house. As we walked further along the street I saw a man walking towards me, his eyes glanced at the dog and then he smiled. I asked him if this was his dog and he greeted us with a thank you and a smile. 

How wonderful I felt after finding little buddy's family, you could tell that he was sure missed. 

And that's the story of us -the family Dawson- having our very own dog for two hours. 

The End. 


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