Friday, May 22, 2015

four months

 shorts & headband: umekobaby

At Hazel's four month check up she weighed 13 pounds (80th percentile) and was 25.85 inches long (95th percentile).  She did much better with her shots this time around, but still cried for a bit. She had a fever the next day and was very snugly all week long.  It seemed like the rotavirus vaccine might have given her a bad bum, but it seems to be working its way out. 
At four months Hazel: 
Still loves chewing on her hands, she especially likes to twist her hand around and chew on her pinky
Has started taking naps in her crib
Woke up around 1:11 in the morning to eat -almost every morning for about a week.
Slept in till 9:45 and sometimes 10 for about two weeks
Loves touching things, she reaches for things and wants to touch them -and if she can put it in her mouth that's a plus. 
Tries to eat her toes.
When she pulls her feet to her mouth she often times rolls over to the side and has been really close to rolling over. 
Still is not a fan of tummy time, but we use the boppy to prop her up and let her watch tv.
Loves to screech. She loves to talk and we are convinced she is saying "hi" and "yeah".

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