Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

I'm convinced Hazel's new favorite words are mom, mama, and mommy and I can't say I hate it. This girl sure knows how to get my attention. It was this weekend that I finally caught her on video saying mom. That's right -mom. For the most part she calls for me when she is sad, and I'm pretty sure she associates those words with me anyways, I mean this morning I was getting ready and she was playing in her bouncer, she started getting fussy and kept saying mom.  My response: Hazel I'm almost done. And being the redhead that she is she responded with a mighty MA! to get me right over to her. I'm certain this girl is going to have a fiery personality. One hundred percent certain.

So we started her on rice cereal last week, and she really seemed to like it. I brought that spoon right to her mouth and it was like she had done it all before. What a pro. Now she loves sitting in her high chair because she knows exactly what happens when she is in it. What a little piggy.

This is the last picture I took of her using a swaddle. No-more-swaddle. Last week I was bound and determined to do-away with the thing, it's such a nuisance, plus she was really starting to get annoyed with it. So the first night without it was a super pain, up every other hour with her, but it worked out. She really seems to love being arms free. But her favorite way to sleep? on her side, just like she did in my belly. And I especially love when she sticks her cute little rear, because baby rears, yes.
This weekend also marked her first time sitting in a shopping cart -turning the big 5 months sure has a whole bunch of firsts that go along with it.  She seemed to enjoy it for a bit, she was able to look around and see a whole lot more -which is right up her curious little alley.  But I think the metal backing started getting annoying -have I talked about the princess and the pea? Hazel is the 2015 version of that story I kid you not. And because of this she still isn't a fan of her crib. 

It is Tuesday. -a spin off an Office quote


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