Sunday, June 07, 2015

a condensed version of my weekend

First I'm confessing my iphone picture-taking-ability.  Or is it that maybe at that very moment I enjoy a good blurry picture? It adds character doesn't it? I guess I have my eyes to blame, I feel like they are getting worse, or can I just say that people are writing things smaller. Yes, that's it.

So Sunday Hazel wore another one of my church dresses.  If you were to put a who wore it best of us side-by-side she would win. Hands down, she would win. She's cuter. I lover her smile and I love spending my Sundays with her in the mothers room. I could rock her all of third hour, plus it's nice and cold which I absolutely love.

This weekend I started to realize that I've got an active girl on my hands. She doesn't seem to be very content being at home all day.  So, off to the stores we go.  I'm convinced she likes being busy looking at things. When I pushed her down this isle of flowers you should have seen her expression. It was one of excitement and I'm-being-attacked-by-these-crazy-flowers kind of look. It was a bit over whelming for her I think.  I also took her to old navy -Bermuda shorts $15, She wasn't much of a fan for being in the dressing room, I tried dancing around, playing peak-a-boo, this girl wasn't having it.  So, needless to say, we went home and came back later.  Maybe she takes after her dad in the shopping department... he says it always puts him to sleep.

We made a surprise visit to Brand at school last week, and we ran lots of errands because we like staying busy.

Tonight I was looking through pictures of Hazel when she was just a few days old. I can't believe how different she looks now, it seems like a while different baby. I got all sappy thinking about how big she is getting -trying to sit up on her own and wanting to hold everything.  I'm so grateful for this girl and that I get to be her mom. There isn't any place I'd rather be.

Happy Monday eve.


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